Scrabble Game to Start 2023

It’s time to play a game… And guess what? It’s Snake’s favorite type of game. [Snake, squeezing eyes shut: please don’t say scrabble, please don’t say scrabble, please don’t say scrabble…] <the voice inserts “It isn’t his favorite type. He hates it in fact.>

S is for Scrabble

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a poll on Twitter asking about starting a new game. I asked if I should do another Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, CAH or a new game. While the poll results did appear to be tied at 35.3% for both a new one and Scrabble, they were skewed by a …

Anniversary Scrabble

The crowd goes wild. Snake cringes and hopes that I will lose the handy bag of tiles that are stored in a brown paper wine bag from our trip to Sonoma a few years ago.

Scrabble Results

We finished up the last game on July 3rd. He needed to score 160 to win, 120-159 to draw and less than that was a loss.

It’s Back….Scrabble That is

And Snake has obviously missed his favorite game. So, being the benevolent leader who I am, I am going to let him play it again. What are the rules and challenges this time?

1 is for 150

Yeah, I know. TECHNICALLY it’s not a “letter” thing for the Snake Den. It’s ok. I’ll go with it. So, there we are, just rousting out of bed on a Saturday morning. She rolls over, then rolls over again, now on top of me. Grinning.

Rebirth – and Vacations

The subject for this month’s meme here in the Snake Den has been rebirth. At the same time, Charmer and I just returned from a “let’s get out of here” trip to the Northeast. I know she’s been writing about it – and it was a great time.

C is for Chastity Cages and D/s

Chastity has been a really interesting physical and thought experiment run with me. We’re now into this full-time since 2015 – this grand process of FLR, D/s and the chastity cage. I never really anticipated what it would be like, the impact it might have and the cool learning it’s lead to.

I is for It’s Not Fair

She’s always loved the irrational modifiers that she dreams up to apply to games. Scrabble being a favorite; it’s this weird mix of “you have to make these odd words” or “this many words with more than “X” letters…” or “Whoops… sorrrrrrry THAT didn’t work out as planned.