I is for It’s Not Fair

She’s always loved the irrational modifiers that she dreams up to apply to games. Scrabble being a favorite; it’s this weird mix of “you have to make these odd words” or “this many words with more than “X” letters…” or “Whoops… sorrrrrrry THAT didn’t work out as planned.

We started the year with a new, very ambitious, but very possible plan. She would get “X” O’s, then anything for me would be based on ratios relative to that. 24 max over the year (wow, bonanza!), but in order to get to the “O” opportunity, there was a ratio of edges and ruined that had to be attained. It sounds complicated, it’s not, but it IS brutally weighted.

Little did I know that she’d even come up with things to mess with the math.

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Getting ready to leave the house, I keep prodding, looking for what, exactly, we’re headed to do. “Oh, it’s nothing, really. Just some stuff I have to pick up.” I didn’t think much of that until we had made it, almost to the door when she spun locked eyes with me, and grabbed my cage.

That grin crept across her face.

Good. I wanted to make sure you had your cage on, and wanted to let you know I was thinking about you….

What? What’s that supposed to mean?? I try to ask, but she shushes me, and I ain’t no fool, so I let it go.

We start backing up down the driveway and out of nowhere… “hold on a ‘sec,” she says. She spins in her seat as the car stops, and I look at her. She’s looking at me, still grinning. Not just ANY grin, THAT grin. The “I have plans” grin.

Drive, please. And do not, under any circumstances, look at me. We can leave now.

I continue down the driveway, pulling out and heading down the street. “I sort of need a destination,” I say. Trying to figure out what this is about.

Your job is to chauffer me around for O’s,” she says. I turn and look – swearing I heard her wrong. The grin is gone. Replaced by a stern “Caught You” face.

OK, Here’s the deal. That’s one mark. For every mark you get for looking at me, you lose 10 edges from the log. This means it pushes OUT your opportunity for O’s. Understand?

This is really odd. At the moment, we’re driving down the road and we’re talking about stuff like this that seems… out of place.

You screwed up earlier, didn’t you,” she says. “You didn’t do the jobs on the list for today, missing 3 of them. That’s really unusual for you, and it cannot continue. So here’s the punishment, in addition to the “no looking at me” rule. We’re going to drive until I tell you to head for home. During that time, for every O I have, you lose an edge credit. For every 6, you lose a ruined credit, too. And, the rule about looking – yeah, still in effect. So you’re starting down 10 already. Might want to keep your eyes on the road, and keep count.

She holds up the portable wand so I can see it without turning… She flips it on and pulls up her skirt just a bit lowers the seat back a little and settles in, slowly, slowly.

mmmm…. now THAT feels amazing. The bumps keep making me move the wand around just so – finding all sorts of spots to play with…

She’s running a narrative, telling me each step up. My cage is fully engaged, my cock locked in a battle against the steel, and losing.

I’m going to just run it up and down the sides here to start….” I hear a sharp intake of her breath as she finds the right spot… “mmmmm, there,” she says. I smell her, sense the heat from across the car as she continues teasing herself at first, then settling in, letting the wand do its magic.

I see her knee in the corner of my eye, spread, making it easier to get to herself, her clit, circling, then up and down, then circling again. Finally, she pretty much stops moving and I hear the motor working, knowing she must be applying pressure, going for that orgasm..

I hear her mouth open, hear her breathing change. First holding her breath, then gasping out, then drawing in another big breath to hold it.

Oh, fuck….” I hear. “Fuck!

I want to look, so bad. I want to pull into a parking lot and watch. I want to see her face, her hands, her body reacting. I can sense it, hear it, but can’t quite see without turning my head, and I don’t dare.

She cums hard. The first orgasm is rocking through her and I can hear the smiles in her breath. The vibrator stops for a moment as she lets it own her body. I hear her rolling through it, letting it shudder as I see it even in her knee, hear it in her movements, feel her eyes, on me now as she recovers a little.

Oh, that was nice. A good start.” The buzzing starts again.

Don’t you fucking dare stop driving… ” she says. “We’re going to be here awhile. You were very bad and that can’t happen again. Too bad you can watch. Can’t touch. Can’t help.

I hear her breathing start catching again, so damn hot, so much that I want to watch.

Please Ma’am? May I stop and help?” I almost-whisper.

No. Absolutely not,” she says.

I hear her body relaxing into the next waves, leading up to the next orgasm.

I know I’m in trouble. But more than anything, I want to play, to watch, to feel her cum with each of these. And she won’t let me.

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  1. She is a wicked, wicked woman 😉
    I feel for you Snake. It’s a win-win, but not for you… or maybe it is, because pleasing her in any way must be the ultimate goal 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

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