Boobz for Boobday


It’s Friday, and we all know what that means – Boobday!  Boobday is one of those days where you struggle to find something witty to say.

Then you realize it doesn’t matter, ‘cuz people aren’t here for the witty statement.

So there you have it…and HERE you have it…

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FPF21 – Faux Sneaky

Might not be obvious, but there are a couple of sneaky things going on this picture.

First, the bird feeder.  Yeah, it’s there, I’ll give you a minute.  We had to get special ones because the doves (we call them Duh’vs) swipe the bird food.  They’re actually squirrel proof, but work really well to control the size of birds we’re interested in feeding.   There’s a practical tip for the day.

Second, the shot.  Sneaking behind trying to stealthily get a picture that you can have some fun with.  That’s the real reason for the FPF project, right??  “Oh, sorry.  I just, I don’t, we have, I needed… a PICTURE!”  Heh.

In the month of Feb, you’re not allowed to think for 3 seconds without my trying to capture it.  Thanks Molly. 🙂

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FPF16 – Artsy-Fartsy Filtery

Playing around with some new toys (especially after the (C) debacle earlier) and thought I’d share a pic that features a couple of different things applied to it.

Charmer was wearing this lace-up, crazy-inducing, slightly-see-through black top and, of course, I thought “Hey! What a cool picture for FPF!” (OK, so perhaps that’s not all I thought).

Two of the exact same shot.  Which do you prefer?

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FPF9 – It’s Great To Be Tall

We were heading out for date night and I realized – we were both wearing boots.  What a perfect opportunity (nay, EXCUSE) to take a picture from above.  Aren’t the boots great?!

The view from above of those boots really gave me pause.  I really love the shape of them, the show off against the clothes so well.  The lines, curve of the front of the boot, just really like it.

Do you like boots?

I could stare at boots all day long.

But then I’d probably get slapped.

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FPF7 – Quite the Mane

We were goofing around, looking to get a picture of the wonderful locks on Charmer (I’m biased, of course).

In the spirit of the photo fest – it’s harder than it may seem to get interesting pictures (and correctly colored pictures) of someone’s hair.  We experimented with and without flash and the coloring was completely different.  This is one of the things I love about this meme, an excuse to experiment!

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