FPF16 – Artsy-Fartsy Filtery

Playing around with some new toys (especially after the (C) debacle earlier) and thought I’d share a pic that features a couple of different things applied to it.

Charmer was wearing this lace-up, crazy-inducing, slightly-see-through black top and, of course, I thought “Hey! What a cool picture for FPF!” (OK, so perhaps that’s not all I thought).

Two of the exact same shot.  Which do you prefer?

Option 1


Option 2:


Febraury Photofest

2 Replies to “FPF16 – Artsy-Fartsy Filtery”

  1. Ohh this is a tough choice, they are both fabulous but I think that bit of extra detail in the top one means that is the one my eye is draw back to…. and into


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