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If you’d like a product reviewed, please get in touch with SteeledSnake@gmail.com – we’ll be happy to talk.  Please know that all reviews will be honest and unbiased, regardless of how we obtain whatever product or service it is that we’re reviewing.  Please keep this in mind if interested in requesting a review.

Links to Products/Services

Please note that, from time to time, we may include links to things we’re talking about.  Usually in the context of something we have done or tried and shared on site.  Some of these links may be affiliate links (for example to Amazon).  We are NOT pushing these items.  We are NOT doing the posts and reviews and other materials to trick you into buying.  If you do decide to purchase an item, and it’s on an affiliate link, great – it’ll simply put a little money in the candy jar for helping to maintain the site.

General Links

From time to time we’ll link to other sites, products, services, events, or whatever.  This is NOT an endorsement of those items.  We accept no responsibility for the information, content, materials, items, or services provided on those outside links.