The Game


The game is all about orgasm control, getting the submissive partner to earn points to be eligible for orgasm (but not entitled) and having fun.

The game evolves as you play it.  Go with that – come up with new things you want to assign points to.  Here are the basics:

There is a window that includes the last 14 days.  This is your current point total.

Choose a number that your current point total needs to be over to be eligible for an orgasm at your partner’s choice.

The D partner dictates point values for accomplishments, and the total point value that must be in place to be eligible.

There can be additions AND subtractions (if you do this, you get “X” points, if you miss the target, “Y” points will be deducted).

Don’t make it complicated.  It’s intended to keep each of you thinking about the more fun things in life – tormenting the /s/, issuing challenges, pushing your limits, etc.  The big benefit for us has been that the challenges are ongoing – so it keeps things happening, doesn’t rely on the D partner to do everything, and is fun.  In our case, Charmer uses the point values to push me to do things I am uncomfortable with (not talking ignoring my limits, just things that challenge me).

Keeping track

The way we’ve done this is to set up a Google spreadsheet to track points.  This is visible to both partners.  It’s always the responsibility of the /s/ partner to log points. In fact, it’s a good idea to say that if the points are not maintained with a certain period of time (2 days?), points will be deducted.

You can check our example game (below) for more information and to see a sample worksheet.


They’re random.  As are the points assigned for your 14 day window.  In our setup, we assigned a higher 14 day window total so Charmer could incent me to do longer-term things – like wearing a plug overnight, or doing something every day for a few days or whatever.  But it’s just a number that you’re using for a goal.

Our Game – an example

Here’s a look at our game, how it’s set up and some of the point things we’ve done.

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