FPF – Tired of Seeing Steel Yet?

Just in case it’s no…

One of the things about chastity toys and devices and how you approach it is that it’s so different person-to-person – or at least you have a lot of options in how you want to approach it.  For some it’s outright denial.  For others it’s a bondage-type thing.  For still others it’s a “control” thing.

For some, the steel is a great thing.  And that’s just an initial pass, and doesn’t take into account power exchange stuff or any combination of these and other things.

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FPF – Nope.

This post doubles as our Feb Photo Fest 2018 post for today. 

I don’t know that I’ll ever understand the fascination with someone watching someone else edge for them.  There’s an exhibitionist streak, there’s a voyeur angle, there’s just the hotness of it.  But it seems nearly universal.

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