Scrabble Challenge of Olympic Proportions

It’s been three months since the last Scrabble challenge.    It might still be hot but summer is coming to an end and I thought it was time to break out the tiles again.  Because, of course, I like nothing better than to drive him insane….  And we all know how much he LOVES Scrabble.  [Oh yay!  Scrabble! I LOVE Scrabble tiles.  Someone hand me the matches!]

This challenge is going to be different because it won’t shorten or extend his orgasm date.  [Phew!  Easy then] That’s already tied up in another task so had to come up with a different idea.  We discussed options and went back and forth.  OK–not really.  He tossed ideas at me and I shot most of them down.  [Pretty much]

I decided that his punishment for not winning the task will be to post a photo of himself on the blog daily for 8 days (since he already is required one a week)  and to write two additional stories in the two weeks following for a total of four.  [OH.  Crap.  Not easy then.] If he wins, not likely,  he will write a menu of ideas for one night of play that I will choose two or three to do.  This allows him to choose his favorites and avoid some of those peskier ones….

He complained that the last game was unwinnable.  It wasn’t. [Was too!] Highly improbable, but not impossible.  He doesn’t really expect me to hand him a win, right?  And it’s even less likely since I told him that it was going to be loosely tied to the Olympics and we all know how hard they work for their gold.

He will receive one or more tiles for each task performed to my satisfaction.  His goal is to spell three different events from the summer Olympics. [I asked, er, begged for 2 events.  I didn’t prevail, obviously.] And, yes, I will take b ball or v ball as shortened ones to make it a little fairer.  But no stenography and my decision is final on words.  He doesn’t even have to use all of the tiles like last time. [Concession right there.  Yay!  I love Scrabble.  Not.]

The game will start Friday morning and will end at 10 pm on Sunday night, Arizona time.  If my calculations are correct, he has 64 hours to win or lose.  Oh, and to make him expand his horizons–there are limits on the number of times he can perform each tasks.  This limit is in parentheses after the task.  And some of the tasks will allow him the chance to earn more than one tile.  See how nice I am?  [Yes, you’re amazingly nice!  Can I have extra tiles please?  Please??!]

Now on to the part that everyone wants to see.  How can Snake win tiles?  The first list will earn him one tile per completion….

  • 20 orgasms for me (2)
  • 25 edges for him (2)
  • 4 ruined orgasms in 30 minutes (1)
  • Wearing the WMCBP for 12 hours (2)
  • Wearing the NJoy 2.0 for 24 hours (1)
  • Wearing steel cock ring for 24 hours (1)
  • Nipple clamps for 30 minutes (2)
  • 30 swats with my choice of implement (2)
  • 10 bite marks done by me (2)
  • Photo of him approved by me and posted online (1)
  • Composition and tweeting of a kinky haiku (1)
  • Full body massage for me (1)
  • Anything else that I can think of

Now, to even it up a little, I’m going to offer a few tasks that will allow him to earn more than one tile.  Each can only be performed once and will receive a minimum of two tiles.  I might even give more if I’m really impressed…

  • Writing a story based on a word prompt.  He must ask for suggestions on Twitter and I get to choose the one he will use.
  • Recording a podcast of himself dramatically reading one of his stories.
  • Singing a song to me while he makes a drink and posting the chorus online.
  • Post photo  of himself online that is beyond his comfort zone
  • Post a video of himself disco dancing

So….there it is.  The almost end of summer Olympics edition of the Scrabble game.  Do you think that it will catch on?

[It’s going to be a longish 64 hours.  I WILL PREVAIL!]


5 Replies to “Scrabble Challenge of Olympic Proportions”

  1. Love the games you play.

    I’m usually on Snake’s side but I like reading his stories so I’m torn on this one.

    With sports like Judo and BMX the only problem might be drawing the Z or Q.

    Good luck.

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