The Scrabble Tiles Are Out Again

Long weekends seem to bring out the fun-loving spontaneous side of me.  Or, as Snake likes to put it, the evil and devious side of me.  [Snake: I think that depends on your perspective.  “fun-loving” – I do think “devious” is more apt] Either way, it’s time for another Scrabble challenge. If you don’t remember the previous ones, here is the first challenge and here is the second one.

[Snake: I KNEW this was coming.  After two wins, I even told her after the last one that I was sure that the next one was going to be on the hairy edge of impossible.  She hasn’t disappointed.]

The challenge for me, though, is to make this one more…challenging.  He won the first two so I think that I need to make it more difficult.  I know…I’m supposed to be FAIR….and he really struggles with Scrabble words.  But, you know, life can be a challenge sometimes and this weekend will be one for him.

So, the game will start on Friday at 5:30 when he gets home from work and run until Monday at 10 p.m.  Slightly more than 72 hours.  Lots of time.  [Snake: except, ya know, weekend plans…] Each completed task  allows him to pick a tile.  Pretty simple so far.

What to do with all of these tiles…well, obviously words.  And to make it a little harder, all tiles must be used.  The words must be sexual and/or kinky in nature and a minimum of three letters.  So, no minimum number of words but he can’t have leftover tiles.  And, he has to earn at least 12 tiles.  I know he was just thinking that he could earn three or four perfect ones and be done.  Nope.

[Snake: I asked for Scrabble poker – the ability to turn a tile in and get another, perhaps every 5 I earn gets me one I can swap at random.  Her answer was a simple grin and “No.”]

He’ll be playing to try to move his date closer.  I’ll be playing to move his date farther out.  Currently, the date for his next eligible orgasm is June 18.   He will earn two days for each eligible word, which, depending on the number of tiles that he collects, could be substantial.  That is, of course, provided that he uses all of the tiles.  If there are leftover tiles, all of the words are null and void and my side takes over.  He’ll push his date out by two days for each tile even if he could have used them in words if all of them cannot be used.

So, let’s assume that he earns 15 tiles.  If he can make five words that are each three letters, he moves his date up by 10 days.  If, however, he has that pesky *q* and can’t use it, he moves it out by 30 days.  You know,   July 18th.  And the words must be completed and approved by 10 p.m. on Monday so he has to plan ahead.

Now on to the fun part–how does he earn tiles?  His options for tasks are:

  • 15 orgasms for me
  • 25 edges done by me
  • Masturbating for 15 edges
  • Wearing ball weight for 24 hours
  • Wearing the Njoy 2.0 for 24 hours
  • Wearing the WMCBP for 12 hours
  • 4 ruined orgasms in 30 minutes
  • 30 swats with implement of my choice
  • 10 bite marks done by me
  • 30 minutes of TENS play
  • Picture of him posted to blog or Twitter that I approve
  • Full body massage for me
  • Pedicure for me
  • Wax play
  • Nipple clamps for 30 minutes
  • Pegging
  • Performing a strip tease for me
  • Bondage–my choice of time and device
  • Sounding for 30 minutes
  • Anything else that I might decide sounds like fun

Two additional items–he can only do each item, excluding the first one for obvious reasons, twice at the most.  Last time he did the same ones over and over.  And the initial Scrabble rules apply.  He can’t use a cheat and he can’t ask anyone for help.

So, there you have it.   We’ll keep you updated on Twitter about his tile progress.  And we’ll probably both write about the results next week.  Fun times at the Snake Den….

[Snake: see you July 31.  Sigh.]

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