Another Scrabble Challenge

Snake has been asking about another game.  We haven’t played an official one since the beginning of June so I guess it’s about time to drive him insane again…

The Scrabble tiles are back.  You remember how much he adored them the first time, right?  Scrabble is his favorite board game.  Not.  And that just makes it even more fun for me.

The last time that we did a Scrabble game, he was earning points.  We haven’t been doing the points lately so the rules have to change.   So, instead of points, we are playing for days.  To be precise, the number of days before he will be allowed an orgasm.   His beginning date is December 18th so a week from today.  He will be playing to see if he moves the date forward or backward…

So same as before–each task earns him one Scrabble tile.  Last time I made him form two kinky words.  This time, he has to form four words that are at least four letters long to stay at December 18th.  He earned 14 tiles last time so this is two additional tiles at a minimum.   Except, honestly, how lucky would he have to be to get 16 perfect tiles to make words?

How does the date move?  Well, for each word that he doesn’t complete, the date moves forward by two days so he is potentially eight days beyond the 18th.  Once he has completed the four words, he will get it moved one day earlier for each word of at least three letters that he can make.  In other words, he needs a lot of tiles….

How to earn the tiles…I considered many evil ideas to really keep him from winning.  Would I be me if I hadn’t?

His task options are:

  • 7 orgasms for me
  • 7 edges for him
  • 2 ruined orgasms for him within 30 minutes
  • Masturbating to 5 edges
  • Wearing his ball weight for 4 hours
  • Wearing the Njoy 2.0 for 8 hours
  • Wearing the WMCBP for 4 hours
  • 4 edges with the Njoy 2.0 in
  • 15 minutes of sounding
  • 15 minutes of TENS play
  • 30 swats with my choice of implement
  • Picture posted to blog or Twitter that I approve
  • 2 edges at work with video confirmation

The game officially started this morning and will officially end at bedtime on Sunday night.

So, the game is defined, the tasks are set and the gauntlet has been thrown…any bets on his next orgasm date?



***He did earn two tiles before he headed to work today…

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      1. And, let’s face it. I am TERRIBLE at seeing words from letters. 🙁 My only hope is to have as many letters as possible so I can catch words. If I end up low in letter count, I’m in deep trouble.

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