Rebirth – and Vacations

The subject for this month’s meme here in the Snake Den has been rebirth. At the same time, Charmer and I just returned from a “let’s get out of here” trip to the Northeast. I know she’s been writing about it – and it was a great time.

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This was a driving trip, with airplane time on the start/finish days of the trip. The reason that’s important is that that dumps a whole lot of thoughtful time in your lap. I mean, everywhere we turned it was postcard vistas for miles – that, combined with just trying to chill out and do random things at times… it adds up to headspace time.

Usually, this is in a good way – think through things, get my plans in order to rain down on the crew when I come back (side note: they HATE when I go on trips with plane rides as part of them, I come back with volumes of notes and to-dos. They always moan when they hear I’ll have time to myself at all…) [Charmer: It’s totally true. He sits on the airplane and writes lists of ideas that he has while we are in the air.]

I struggled on this trip at times with some transitions that are going on back home, the whole pandemic thing and the impact it’s had on our lives, and those we care about, business, family, the works. It struck me that it’s been one heck of a ride for nearly everyone and the impact on all of us will be profound, probably for the rest of our lives.

Which, of course, leads me to the topic of the day. To me, rebirth is about exploring new directions, new things. It’s even about rediscovering old things or remodeling things that are you in our lives that need some refurbishment. I know for me, I have a good number of those. From attitudes about life to getting better about dealing with things.

My big one – letting go of the stuff I can’t really control. Even if I want to. I know. It’s so cliche it makes ME groan out loud. But it’s so true. I really, really suck at realizing what I can’t do anything about and then going with the flow. And I’m even worse about not abdicating entirely once a piece of something is out of my control. I have to get better about this, have to do all of that “in the moment” stuff, and have to be better about chasing down the meaningful things and people in life, and realizing that not all things and people want to be chased down. (Not in a stalker-way, you know what I mean).

[Charmer: This is work and other life. He’s actually really good at letting me be in charge of us. He is open to all of my “Hey, let’s try x” ideas and doesn’t try to control the flow of things while we play. Maybe he just trusts me more?]

So, for me, my “rebirth” post is about sincerely working to re-evaluate things – from very fun kinky things to writing more, to enjoying the various communities (including this one!) that I’m part of, to dumping more attention on learning Scrabble Charmer. I think it’s important to take a step back from time to time and think through the things that push your buttons in a good way and emphasize those – and de-emphasize the things that cause you to stress that you can’t really do anything about, other than backing away from them.

So, Onward Kink! Onward Kinky folks… just to name a couple. 🙂

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