S is for Scrabble

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a poll on Twitter asking about starting a new game. I asked if I should do another Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, CAH or a new game. While the poll results did appear to be tied at 35.3% for both a new one and Scrabble, they were skewed by a mistaken vote for Trivial Pursuit that I was asked to change.

So, *all of that maths,* I don’t know the new percentage but it does mean that Scrabble wins. Snake is, of course, thrilled. [Snake: Jumping for joy, yeah, that’s it.]

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I wanted to do a variation on a theme this time. Usually, he has to do tasks to earn tiles and other tasks to earn extra tiles so he can make words. Sometimes they have to be sex words and other times they have to be a certain number of letters.

This time? He has to make a sentence. And, since that could conceivably not be that difficult, he has to make my sentence.

Snake loves Charmer and wants to win.


Simple sentence–and yes, he can do them with a standard set of Scrabble tiles. I checked. His biggest issue will be the K, as there is only one, and the W’s, which there are two.

I’m going to make it easy. The game starts on 3/19 and runs through the 25th. He will roll a D12 each night for the number of tiles to pick. If he’s incredibly lucky, this means he will pick 84/100 tiles during the course of the game. What? It could happen.

[Snake: Yeah. Sure. Right. Uh huh.]

If I’m feeling generous, it COULD happen too, I might let him earn an extra roll during the week. Those, of course, won’t be easy tasks. Or freely given.

So, if he can create that sentence out of the tiles (and no using the same tile in more than one place), he will get an additional three orgasms added to his total for the year. When it is only 24 for the year, that is a pretty substantial windfall.

If he loses, and what are the chances of that, my goal of 1000 for the year will be adjusted. And since that affects how many edges are necessary for him to get one of those rare O’s, adding an additional 25 per month for the remainder of the year will be challenging. If my math is correct, it will bring my total goal to 1225.

May the best player win….

[Snake: Sigh.]

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