D is for Decision Time

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“You didn’t make reservations at the steak place?” Bree asked.

“No,” Gabe said softly. “I’m sorry, Mistress.”

“You weren’t listening on the way to the hotel? I specifically said that I wanted to try the steak place on the far side of Sedona. Where are we going?”

Bree knew there was no way he had been paying attention when she said it. She specifically had said it in a casual way while she knew he was distracted by her crossing her legs. While he was holding her underwear. It would definitely make for a more interesting night for Gabe, though.

“The Italian place right near here. It does get wonderful reviews,” Gabe rushed to say.

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“Fine. Since we already have reservations. I’m disappointed. I suggest you start paying more attention when I speak.”

“Yes, Mistress. I’m so sorry.” He pulled into the parking lot and it was crowded. Bree watched as he adjusted his pants.

“Is there a problem?”

“No, Mistress. I just didn’t want…anyone to see.”

“That you are hard? I really don’t see that as your biggest issue this evening.” She waited as he parked and ran around the car to open her door.

Bree got out of the car and walked slightly in front of him to the entrance, pausing while he caught up and opened the door for her. As they walked in, the woman at the stand asked if they had reservations. “Yes, 2 of us under the name Gabe Winston,” Gabe said before she could speak.

Bree turned and gave him a dark stare. “You meant to make them under my name, correct?” Gabe turned red and then quickly white. She knew that the woman hadn’t heard her with all of the background noise, but Gabe was now completely flustered.

“Right this way,” the woman said and put them in a nice quiet corner booth. “Will this be all right?”

“It looks perfect,” Bree replied. “Thank you.”

Gabe waited for her to sit and then sat across from her. “You seem to be forgetting who is in charge this weekend. You don’t get to have choices.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he said quietly as the waiter arrived. He asked if they wanted drinks and told them the specials and soup for the evening.

“Water to start, please. I need time to look at the wine menu,” Bree told him.

She picked up the wine menu and started reading. She watched Gabe open his menu and start reading his options. “You don’t need that,” she said. “I will be deciding on what you should eat. You probably could have chosen if you had picked the right restaurant, but since you didn’t, I will be ordering for you this evening.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he said, putting the menu down.

The waiter returned with the waters and a basket of assorted breads and rolls. Bree ordered the wine and told him that they would need a few minutes to decide. She waited silently while he retrieved the bottle of wine and brought it to their table, uncorking it and allowing her to taste it. She nodded and he poured glasses for both of them before leaving the bottle in a cooler on the table.

She pointed at a piece of bread. “I’d like that one, please. With butter. And you can have that one,” pointing, “I’m not really a fan of those.” She picked up her wine glass and swirled it around while he prepared the bread for her. He started to hand it to her and she pointed at her plate. “Thank you.”

Gabe buttered his piece of bread and started to take a bite. “No. You do not eat before I do. Mind your manners.” He quickly put it down and waited, squirming a bit on the booth seat. “A little uncomfortable?” she smirked.

“No, Mistress. I mean, yes, Mistress, I am, but not in a bad way.”

Bree laughed and pointed at his glass of wine. “To new beginnings,” she said as she lightly touched glasses and then took a sip. His eyes were locked on her lips on the edge of the glass and she took advantage of his attention to pull back a bit and lick them. His eyes widened.

The waiter returned and Bree ordered for them both. “We’ll start with the bruschetta and I will have the lobster ravioli and he will have the lasagna.” She caught a quick glance towards Gabe as the waiter wrote down her order for him. “We aren’t in a hurry so please make sure we are done with our appetizer before you bring the entrees.”

“Very good, ma’am,” the waiter replied as he left. Bree sat back and crossed her legs under the table. Her foot brushed against Gabe’s leg and he jumped.

“Someone is wound tight,” she laughed as she took a bite of bread. “You may eat now,” she nodded at his plate.

After they finished the bruschetta and refilled their wine glasses, Bree leaned forward across the table, knowing that it was giving Gabe a perfect view of her cleavage. His eyes darted down and then back to her face, struggling to stay focused. “You do understand that this is just the beginning, right? I’m not talking about this weekend. I’m expecting you to learn how to serve me in the manner in which I deserve. Obviously there will be adjustments for home and work, but I know what you want. And I’m going to allow you to serve me.”

Gabe had been taking a bite of bread to collect his thoughts and swallowed too quickly. He started coughing and took a quick drink of water to clear his throat. Bree had the most devious smile on her face and she knew that she had read the situation correctly.

Their food arrived and they ate in silence. She watched the thoughts run through his head, mirrored on his face. There was fear of the unknown, desire and calm. She had been testing the waters for weeks after she had seen him reading erotica about male submission. She hadn’t been positive that he really wanted it, more than just the fantasy, but his reactions today had shown her that he did.

“I am giving you until the time we get back to the hotel to tell me if this is not what you want and all will go back as it was. If, however, you want this as much as I think you do, you will indicate it by handing me the car keys when you help me out of the car.”

After she paid, she turned to Gabe. “Do you want to go for a drive for time to think or do you want to go back to the hotel?”

Without hesitation, he got up and held out his hand to her. Helping her up, he said, “Back to the hotel, Mistress.”

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  1. My feeling is that this is exactly what he wants, seeing his responses. No matter how uncomfortable he is at times (which is brilliantly written), he likes this. Needs it, I suspect 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

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