L is for Listening

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Bree waited as Gabe paused and considered her command. She knew that it was well outside of his comfort zone to be on possible display to people in surrounding cottages. She also knew that the angles of the balconies made it very difficult to see one another. But he didn’t know that.

He walked outside and quickly sat at her feet. In fact, so quickly that he almost knocked the table. This just wasn’t going to do.

“Kneel please, I was going to let you sit, but that was just too much hesitation. And hands behind your back, please, we don’t want you being all worried about covering up. ” He paused just long enough that she followed it with “Now.”

Gabe scrabbled to his knees and knelt in front of her, hands behind his back. She reached around to clip the cuffs together. “Much better,” she said as she sat back and pointed to the spot where she wanted him.

Bree watched as he settled into position at her feet. Smiling to herself, she saw that he was incredibly turned on by the process. Good. There was so much more to do. She caught him looking at her and slowly shook her head.  “Down, please. And this is your last reminder.”

Gabe’s eyes lowered and he responded quickly, “Yes, Mistress.”

Bree crossed her legs and picked up her glass of wine. She could have sat out here for hours, but she was getting hungry. She considered her options.

“I want to eat at that place that we passed on the way in. The special on the sign looked amazing and just what I’m in the mood for,” she said. “Please make reservations for us in about 90 minutes. You may get up and go inside to use your phone. Put it away again after you are finished.”

“Oh, refill my glass first.”

Gabe’s head came up and she recognized that look. He had been so distracted by the underwear and the expectation of what was to come that he had no idea which restaurant she was talking about. Oh, how fun.

“Which one, Mistress?” he asked in a quiet voice.

“What do you mean? I pointed it out to you on the way in. Weren’t you listening to me?”

Bree watched his internal fight. Would he admit to not listening or would he just guess and take a chance on picking the wrong one? She wiggled her toes and tapped her fingers on the glass.

No, Mistress. I mean, yes, Mistress, I was listening to you,” he stammered. “May I get up to get your wine?” She was laughing so hard on the inside as he tried to get some semblance of control back.

“Yes, you may.”

Gabe got up and quickly brought back her drink. He headed back inside and all she could imagine was how quickly he was searching for what restaurants had been on the route they had taken. After a couple of minutes she called to him, “Is there a problem?”

“No, Mistress. Just getting the phone number. I am calling now.”

A bit of sadistic glee filled her. Bree wasn’t sure if she wanted him to be right–she really did want that steak–or if she wanted him to be wrong. There were some really interesting restraints and a few new impact toys that she had purchased for the trip.

Gabe came to the door and waited. “Did you get the reservation?”

“Yes, Mistress. It had to be in an hour instead of 90 minutes, though, because they have a large party coming in later. I hope that’s acceptable.”

She nodded at him. “I just need to change so it won’t take long. Good thing since it might take us some time to get back out of the canyon. You know how busy that main part of Sedona is.”

Laughing inside, she walked past him. She knew that he was still worried that he had picked the wrong place. Bree went to the bedroom and picked out a shirt and pants for Gabe. “These will do nicely,” she said.

He had followed her and did a very nice job of staying behind her. Perfectly respectful but available for her needs and whims, just as she wanted. She pulled out a small leather necklace and put it on top of the clothes.

“Obviously the collar and cuffs won’t work for the restaurant so I got this to remind you that I am still always in charge. “

Watching him gulp and grow hard, Bree waited. When he didn’t respond quickly enough, she added, “Understand?”

“Yes, Mistress,” he said. She motioned him over to remove the cuffs and collar.

“Get dressed and wait by the door.” He paused again. “Is there a problem?”

“There’s no…underwear,” he whispered.

“There is not. Again, is there a problem?”

If possible, Gabe was even harder than a moment ago. “No, Mistress.”

Bree grabbed her dress and headed to the bathroom, firmly closing the door behind her. She quickly dressed and freshened up her make up and hair. Exiting the bathroom, she reached into the closet for Gabe’s favorite pair of heels. After she put them on, she stood up and checked the view in the mirror. Exactly what she wanted.

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels.com

Gabe was waiting by the door for her. She could see the outline of the day collar under his shirt. “I’m ready,” she said. She waited for him to grab the car keys and open the door for her. “You really need to be more prepared.”

When they got to the car, he opened her door and helped her in. She nodded and he closed the door, running around to the other side to get in. He started the car and they exited the complex, heading back into town.

“I can’t wait for that steak,” she said.

Panicked, Gabe looked at her. “Steak?”

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