D is for DnD

This is Part 2, his perspective. Be sure to read part 1, here.

The day was another one – just seemingly on top of all of the others, so much to do, so much that seems important, but the at the end of the day, it’s just a blur of frustration and aggravation that led to too few things getting actually done. So many calls. So many emails.

Gabe checked email while the lunch was warming up in the microwave, saw the newest and was shocked to see one from Bree. “That’s odd – she never emails…” – and clicked it immediately to open it.

“I went ahead and scheduled a time on your calendar. Please don’t change it. I marked it private, too. “


He scanned through is appointments. Couldn’t find it – but then finally noticed big, blocked off days a couple of weeks out. All the schedule said was “DnD – ON” at the top of each blocked off time period for each of several days. “Whoa… I can’t…” is all he thought as he scratched his chin, trying to figure out what to do.

He pulled out his journal and realized that this was scheduled just after his project completed; even had a couple of days to reset and make sure all of the pieces fell into place right. He realized he didn’t really have a foot to stand on in complaining. This had been nothing short of a brutal, all-out fight to get this project rolling and completed. He could use the time unplugged.


As he pulled his things together, he realized that there was an extra bag on the bed, waiting to go out. It was smaller, but actually heavier, than the other bags. He pointed at it and raised an eyebrow at Bree – “Oh, that’s none of your business. Just get it in the car please when you can.” It felt weird – he hadn’t even packed his own bag, just been asked to double check and see if she’d missed anything by walking around the room to check.

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“Are you ready?” she asked. His mind reeled – he wanted to know where, when, why, how long, what she had in mind. At the same time, it was really cool that he hadn’t the slightest idea about any of those details – cool that she’d taken this over entirely and just told him where to be, when to be ready and what he needed to do when it came time to heading out. He was really excited to see what she had in mind.

“To Phoenix, please, Jeeves…” He stood up straighter, doing his best butler impression and opened the door for her – “as you wish, Ma’am” – and they headed out. Just as they were pulling out, his phone buzzed and she made a point that he was to put it on DnD. He did, put it back in the console and grinned.

He loved spending time, just chatting, rubbing her leg a bit, feeling that giddiness inside not knowing what was happening, but also that they would have some time to… reconnect. He was getting all sorts of ideas about just how he’d love to reconnect… but he also got a weird feeling this wasn’t necessarily going to be what he was expecting.

He kept poking and prodding, trying to find out where they were actually headed. Even at lunch, her margarita in hand, he couldn’t convince her to spill the beans. She kept talking with him, and kept eyeing him over the drink and every now and then, he’d feel a toe sneak up his calf and down again. She was really messing with him and it was getting in his head.

He started to get up to head to the restroom (and try to distract himself from imagining what she was planning) and started to get up. “Where are you headed?” she asked. He sat back down. “To the restroom, if that’s ok.”

“Give me just a moment… ” she said. Her foot again ran up his leg, but this time, she pressed on, wiggling in between his thighs as he sipped his drink. “Now that’s just not fair…” he said. “Oh, honey. Nothing about this weekend is about “Fair””

Her foot rubbed, and he was having a hard time fighting back against getting hard. His body betrayed his mind anyway, and he was quickly responding to her.

She stopped, sat back with her drink and just simply said that it was a great time to head to the bathroom now because she’d just seen someone come out. What luck. She grinned with her eyes.

He subtly re-aligned himself and stood, praying that no one noticed.

“Rawr” she said, grinning at him as he walked away.

She gave him driving instructions to head to Flagstaff – and when she tossed her underwear in his lap he couldn’t believe it. As he ran his hand up under her skirt, and felt the heat and saw her playful looks, he wanted to act all cool and in control, but again his body was betraying his control – he knew she could easily tell just by looking over, just exactly where his mind was heading.

Wherever it was they were heading, he was ready to be there, now.

He was busy dreaming up all of the things he was wanting to do – all of the things he hoped they’d do. They’d driven up, over to Sedona, almost out to the other side and he was getting desperate to know more about their plans. Her plans.

She had this big playful grin as she got out of the car. “Surprise! And just wait until you see the room…” she said. Without even realizing he was doing it, he grabbed all of the bags. put them on the cart and followed her into the lobby.

This is Part 2, his perspective. Be sure to read part 1, here.

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