T is for Training

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As they left the restaurant, Bree walked just slightly ahead of Gabe. He had held the door open for another couple as she crossed the parking lot. She heard him walking quickly to catch up with her.

She waited at the car door for him to arrive and he opened the door for her. Instead of getting in immediately, she turned to him and kissed him. She felt him relax into the kiss. Bree pulled back a fraction of an inch and kissed him again, catching his lower lip with her teeth and holding him in place.

Her eyes were open and she heard a low gasp. Gabe’s eyes flew open and he looked at her, his pupils dilating. Good. Exactly the effect she was going for. She released him and got into the car.

Bree made sure she took her time to get comfortable and adjust before she nodded at him and gave permission to close the door. She saw him almost sprint around the car and climb inside.

“How was your lasagna? My ravioli was almost as good as the place in San Fran that we went to a couple of years ago. What was the name of that place?”

“Um….I don’t remember the name, it was in that hotel in North Beach,” he stuttered a bit. “The lasagna was good.” She watched as he grimaced at the second red light in two blocks and laughed to herself.

“That’s right. Sotto something I think?”

He looked at her with a completely baffled look on his face. “What?”

“The restaurant. It was Sotto something, right? Is something wrong?”

As the light turned green and he started through the intersection, Gabe shook his head at her. “Just ready to be back at the hotel.”

“Oh? Anxious, are we?” she smirked.

“Maybe.” She heard a sharp exhale as a car pulled in front of them and slowed to a snail’s pace.

The trip back took about twice as long as the trip to the restaurant, but they pulled into the parking lot and Gabe turned off the car and started around to help her out. He opened the door and she stepped out, pretty sure about his decision, but she still had a couple of butterflies loose in her stomach.

Closing the door, he pushed the fob to lock the car and handed her the keys. With confidence that she didn’t feel at that moment, she took them and headed back to the room. As he closed the door behind them, Bree turned and said simply, “Strip.”

She watched him start removing his clothes as he got even harder if that was possible. “This is your new attire unless we are out in public or I give you specific instructions otherwise. Collar and cuffs will be required this weekend, but after that, I will tell you when you need to wear them. Bring them to me now.”

Photo by Flora Westbrook on Pexels.com

Gabe brought them to her and she pointed at her feet. “Kneel.” After he did, Bree put on the collar and wrist cuffs. She walked over to the couch and motioned him over. “Put your foot up here to make it easy for me.” She smiled inwardly as he obeyed and stayed rock hard.

“Get me a glass of wine and get the tub ready for me. I’ll be outside on the balcony until you let me know that you are ready for my bath.” She opened the door and walked out onto the balcony with the barest glimpse of the cliffs being visible in the darkness. It was a perfect night with just a light breeze. She sighed. This weekend was turning out exactly as she had hoped–and it was only the first night.

“Your bath is ready, Mistress,” she heard from the living room.

“Please come out here and tell me–I don’t really think you should be yelling at me from another room.”

“But…” she heard softly. She counted to five and Gabe stepped out onto the balcony. “Your bath is ready, Mistress,” he said.

Nodding, she walked past him and headed into the bedroom. He followed and she handed him each article of clothing as she discarded them. He looked confused for a second. She indicated the hanger that was in the closet and he put her dress on it. Her lingerie was placed neatly in a drawer. “Very good.”

Bree stood next to the tub and waited. Gabe rushed in and gave her his hand and she settled into the large tub. The cliffs were out there, she knew, but it was too dark to see. She took a sip of wine and relaxed back. “Please get me a glass of water and then come kneel next to the tub. I want you available if I need anything.”

Gabe returned with the water and knelt beside her. She could hear his breathing just a little bit ragged and she saw him adjust himself as he tried to stay still.

Time to level up just a bit.

“I need some entertainment. Stroke yourself. But don’t you dare even think about cumming. That might happen later if you please me.” Bree settled in a position where she could watch. Gabe looked embarrassed and flustered, but then he started.

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  1. I love that bit about the butterflies in her stomach, and acting with more confidence than she felt at the moment. It just gives all of this such a special feel 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

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