S is for Self-Care

Self-care tends to fall into a lot of things that are solo activities. Being an incredible introvert, I need recharging time.

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And luckily, Snake understands this and is really good at making sure that I get that time whenever he can do that.

Baths are one of my favorite self-care activities. There’s something wonderful about the warm water, the quiet and a book that just makes me feel good. Depending on the week, I can usually fit in about 5 nights and that goes a long way to recharging.

Reading even outside of the tub is also a really good thing for me. I can get lost in a book and won’t hear a thing going on around me. Of course, that can be good or bad, but it’s definitely true. Snake has told me things and I’ll respond and not remember a word that he said.

Exercise is another self-care item that I try to stay on top of. I walk most days, weight lift a few days a week, do some yoga and we have dance lessons twice a week. There’s something about exercise, even if I don’t want to do it, that keeps my brain focused on good instead of bad.

My last one? Time with Snake. Sometimes it is just playing a video game or watching TV or going out for dinner. Sometimes it is D/s play. Sometimes it is just our nightly snuggle when we go to bed. All of them keep me focused on what is really important in my life.

And keep me ready to face another day–whatever it might bring.

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2 Replies to “S is for Self-Care”

  1. I totally get the time with Snake, as most of my recovery takes place when I have time with Master T. Also, nowadays I withdraw into watching ‘brainless’ series, as sometimes I just need something to stop my mind from constantly thinking and rethinking everything.
    ~ Marie xox

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