G is for Gap

We do have a pretty substantial orgasm gap in our relationship. The unusual part is that our gap is definitely in my favor.

Right now for 2021, we are sitting at 198 for me and 4 for Snake. Of course that doesn’t include the edges or ruined ones for him, but the real ones are definitely in my favor.

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Even before the cage and the rest of the D/s play that we do, the odds were usually in my favor. I do not usually orgasm from PIV, so we’ve used toys almost since the beginning of our relationship.

That said, I do orgasm easily and usually have at least 8 each time we have sex or play, unless it is totally Snake-centric.

[Snake: this is really, really variable. Sometimes 8-10, sometimes 20+, on rare occasions, it cleared 35+. *cracks knuckles and grins*]

Our go-to toy has always been the Hitachi wand. It was the first one that we bought and we’ve gone through “several” over the years. Worst time for it to out was just before a two week cruise…

[Snake: Note to self – NEVER, ever plug in a thing before you know the amount of power coming out of the plug, even if you’ve plugged in the adapter… Pop-bang-sizzle doesn’t begin to describe it. And it’s happened twice. You’d think I’d learn – the latter being a wand going up in smoke. We thought about finding a local shop, but then the power requirements would be for the local power and… GAH! Snake fail.]

We definitely use other toys for both him and me, but that one is always in the mix. I’m also a G-spot person so the two together are generally my golden ticket.

The past year has been less play in general so my numbers are lower than usual. But, that said…it is good to be Charmer.

[Snake: Damn pandemic.]


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  1. That’s great – loads of orgasm for Charmer! brilliant. I orgasm quite easily too and used to from PIV sex as well – as i have got older the orgasms dont come so easy but they are very intense
    May x

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