V is for Vegas

Last year we went to Last Vegas for our anniversary. We’ve done that for anniversary trips, concerts and just because we want time together. It was where we had our honeymoon and it is “our” place.

These were taken literally the week before the world shut down. We ate out, saw a show, watched a band, gambled and had a wonderful trip.

The rest of the year? Not so much. That’s not just our story–it is a shared story.

The storm appears to be abating a bit. Vaccines are showing up and I know a lot of people who already have gotten it. We aren’t there yet, but all signs show to the next month or so.

That said, maybe next year we will be on the trip planned for our anniversary. That’s what keeps us pushing forward. Hope.

And until then? This picture and memories from our favorite lounge aren’t such a bad trade-off.

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