L is for Loki

So, I got a few presents from Snake last week. He had asked me to look for some different impact toys and I sent him some ideas. Off he went to find them for me.

One of the best parts? When he ordered two different ones from a company, they noticed they were both for the same person and they made them match!

So, I now have a matching Loki’s Flower and Rug Beater. And they seem to do a pretty nice job…

Of course, this was only a trial run, but that red makes me very happy.


8 Replies to “L is for Loki”

  1. Very pretty! I love a company that thinks a head. Rug beaters are so much fun. I haven’t tried a Loki (apt name for a tricky device), but can’t wait to live vicariously through you 😉

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