It’s Back….Scrabble That is

And Snake has obviously missed his favorite game. So, being the benevolent leader who I am, I am going to let him play it again. What are the rules and challenges this time?

This time we are playing on an actual board. He will start with seven tiles as per the rules. He’ll be playing the game against himself so that makes it much easier. I would be doing my usual throwing a wrench into the next three words like I usually do.

Just a few…tweaks, shall we say?

If he can’t play a word on a particular day, he gets a task. If he can’t play a word on the next day, two additional tasks. Get the idea? What are the tasks? Things such as

  • Wearing a plug for a few hours up to a day depending on the one chosen
  • Doing x number of edges for me
  • Giving me x number of O’s
  • Pictures of him posted
  • Extra naked chores for him around the house
  • Nipple clamps for a period of time
  • Writing an additional story
  • TENS play on him
  • Or anything else that I feel like having him do or doing to him

If he does play a word, he gets to choose that many tiles again for the next day. Of course, if he breaks any house rules, those tiles might be taken away and he’ll have to do the next day with a much more limited number of tiles.

I’ll also give him the chance to earn some additional tiles. How? I’m thinking that I will leave that completely up to Snake. He’ll have to come up with a benefit to me and how many additional tiles it will be worth. If I agree, he will receive the extra tiles for the next day after he completes whatever he is doing.

The game starts today (June 27th) and will end at the end of July 3rd so he has seven days to play. We will be using the bonus squares to allow him to add to his score. At the end of the week, we will tally his scores and he will win or lose depending on the total.

  • A score of less than 120 means a loss for Snake. He will give up one of his yearly O’s.
  • A score of 120-160 means a draw. No win or lose.
  • A score of more than 160 means a win for Snake. He gets to add TWO O’s for his yearly total.

That’s the game. He’s not allowed to cheat and ask for word ideas. And I’m keeping the tiles between turns so he can’t use other cheats because this is a big win for him.

*smile* I do enjoy my games.

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