L is for Listening

Part 1 (Hers), Part 2 (His), Part 3 (Hers), Part 4 (His) Bree waited as Gabe paused and considered her command. She knew that it was well outside of his comfort zone to be on possible display to people in surrounding cottages. She also knew that the angles of the balconies made it very difficult to see …

G is for Games

Yes, I hinted at a new one arriving in the Snake Den. So while Snake is busy trying to figure out if it will be Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit or Cards Against Humanity….it will be

Games Within Games

You’ve chosen to edge yourself for an extra Scrabble tile. Well, it’s only 10 and that really not all that challenging. So, what’s Charmer to do to make it more interesting?

Did You Miss My Games?

It’s been a long month or so at the Snake Den. Family and traveling and colds and company has made it hard to have time to ourselves. And we do miss our play.

Rewards and Punishment from the Charmer Side

I admit that when we first started our path through D/s and FLR, rewards and punishment weren’t on the top of my mind. Partly, I think because our relationship had history where Snake tends to do what I like and he rarely fights anything with me unless he feels really strongly about it.

Luck can be a b*tch

Having your fortunes determined by luck is a touchy thing to try. Letting that determine when and whether you get to do a thing is very high trust. As the /s/ in the situation here, I always get these thoughts in my head that “this time it’ll be different” and “heck, they can’t possibly ALWAYS” …

Sinful Sunday: Snake, Hands and Strategic Placement

Yeah, yeah. I know. Charmer has a way of putting those games together (scrabble, trivial pursuit, even cards against humanity) and then putting these pictures together as my thing to do if I lose. And. interestingly, I typically don’t just lose. I get killed.

Snake’s Body

Is amazing as you’ve seen and I love it. While I enjoy looking at attractive bodies, it doesn’t tend to correlate to sexual interest. I need to have that special connection to someone before that happens.

Results of Round Two of the Game

There have been memes and life and I haven’t had time to give the results of the second round. I’m sure it has been in the back of your brain, keeping you awake at night so, here goes….

Shall We Play A Game?

As you may (or may not) know, Charmer loves to integrate games into… activities.  She tends (tends?) to create rules around those games that just may favor her a bit.  Maybe. If you haven’t seen it, you can check out multiple renditions of the @^#@#^@ scrabble-esque games she’s done in the past.  There’s something about …

A Game [was] Afoot

Our recent weekend Scrabble challenge [and results] took place over Memorial Day weekend. See?  I can be involved in the challenge AND be patriotic.

Sinful Sunday #20 — Weekend Game

I started a game yesterday (read about it here) with Snake to set the date for his next orgasm. He’s pretty sure that he’s going to lose this one so thought that we’d just play with tiles–since he won’t be needing them…