Someday you’ll win!

Hey!  Guess what!? It’s your day!  I know it’s been a long time…

I stop in my tracks and look at you.  It’s the weirdest thing because you’ve not suggested anything all day, I had no idea, not an inkling.   I look at you and raise my eyebrow in a kind of “what’s the catch” kind of way.

Do me a favor, go get some toys that look fun – but make them discreet, we’ll sneak outside by the pool.

I’m STILL wondering what the catch is.

As we head out you’re doing this hip-sway walk and grinning over your shoulder at me, the whole time I’m putting down the towels, you’re stripping down and getting in the pool… oh. so. slowly.   It gets to the point where I just have to sit and watch, so you make a show of getting out of the pool, ringing your hair out, but the water dripping off you just…

You bring out the scrabble.

I just about melt into the pavement.  I mean, come on.  Seriously?

You tell me that I can draw 15 tiles, make 1 sexual word or phrase (you’re the judge) and pick something I’d like to do for 3 minutes.  A timer has appeared with the tiles.  The rules are just that you have to agree to the word, you get to say if I get to go again, or if we’re done (so better plan) and it has to be something done to me.

I pick the tiles, manage to get a word, POOL PLAY.  Lucky letter selections.

You wince at the less-sexy nature of it all.  But I get the pass.  “And what would you like?”  “Just that – playing around in the pool”

Excellent! Join me!” – you reach down, set the timer and dive in the pool.  I curse a bit that you’re wasting part of my time just swimming around…

I get over to you and you start kissing me and grab at me, making me hard in a flash while you stroke me.  “Remember, never know how many rounds you’ll get…” you whisper in my ear.   I feel you tighten around me and you latch onto my shoulder and add a mark to my body – a deep hickey that is punctuated with teeth marks.


You stop everything the instant the bell goes off.  I’m headed for the side to reset, but you grab my hand and remind me that we’ve not yet decided whether we’re done yet.

I flash my best puppy dog eyes at you and you succumb, somehow, wave me over to the side.

After mixing up the @#^%@# tiles again, I draw my tiles and form the word ORGASM.

“How fitting,” is all I can think to say.  You look at me with this sarcastic snarl.  “And what would you like now?”  I wag my eyebrows at you – nod my head toward the word and grin.

You motion me over to you in the pool and tell me “Alright, go ahead, give yourself an orgasm.  I’ll watch.” is all you say.  I stop in my tracks.  This is not what I wanted to see happening, not tonight!  You start laughing and tell me to get up on the pool wall so you can reach me and that you’ll see what you can do…

You start stroking me and I realize once again you’ve eaten up a ton of time just playing with me.  I don’t frankly care though, as I can feel myself climbing that ladder, chasing after your hand in my brain as you tighten and loosen your grip.  I can feel myself getting so close, my instincts are screaming in my head to warn you, to tell you to stop.  But I want this.  I want this now.  I’m not going to tell you, I’ll let it happen, consequences be damned.

I feel myself speeding toward the edge, careening toward this flash and rush of amazing feelings.  Odd, guttural noises are coming out of me and you’re playing to each of them.  Taking it in, pulling them out.


And you stop.

I’m borderline angry.  In the moment, it’s beyond “frustration” that everyone likes to crave and play with, I’m flat out mad.  I want to pick up the damn timer and throw it over the wall.

I start to get out to get new tiles, you pull me back to you and give me a deep kiss, holding me, pulling me down from my clear aggravation.  “Sorry about that,” you say.

After I come down a bit and get back control of my senses, you let me go.  You slowly climb out of the pool, grab your towel and start to walk back in the house.

Someday you’ll win.  Today is not that day, but we’ll see how tomorrow goes.

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  1. Not Knowing When- is THE Game! Hope You Get It Done When She Actually Gives Enough Time! You Stories Are Great!

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