Did You Miss My Games?

It’s been a long month or so at the Snake Den. Family and traveling and colds and company has made it hard to have time to ourselves. And we do miss our play.

Now that the craziness is calming down, I think it’s time for another Scrabble game. I can hear the groan from Snake before he’s even read this–Scrabble might be his least favorite game. At least my version…

This time around, the number of tiles that he gets will be determined by a roll of the die. Each day he gets one roll and chooses that many tiles. He starts today and his last day to earn tiles is Saturday.

Now, for the fun part….if he can make 3 connected words that are at least 4 letters each, he wins. Less than that and he loses. More than that and he gets an extra bonus. And if he makes extra words and can use all of his tiles? He will be a very happy person.

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Seems simple enough, right? Unless, of course, luck is not on his side and he rolls a lot of ones. Or, misses a daily job and loses a tile. That would be tragic.

Being the benevolent person that I am, I will allow for one extra tile if earned. These options are only available once each and must be approved for completion by me–I am sole judge and jury. Also, he can only do one option per day. So, at most, he can earn 5 extra.

The options are:

  • 20 edges for him by me
  • 2 ruined orgasms for him within 30 minutes
  • Snake masturbating to 10 edges
  • Wearing the Njoy 2.0 for 4 hours
  • 15 minutes of TENS play on him by me
  • 60 swats with my choice of implement
  • Picture posted of Snake to blog or Twitter that I approve
  • 2 edges at work with video confirmation
  • 10 marks on Snake of my choice

So wins and losses? Hmmmm….

  • If Snake can make the original 3 connected words of 4 letters each, he gets an O on Sunday.
  • If Snake can’t make the minimum, he puts off his next O for at least two weeks. In addition, I get 40 O’s before he is eligible.
  • If he makes extra 4 letter connected words, but does not use all of the tiles, he gets an O on Sunday plus another one by Wednesday night.
  • If he makes more than 3 connected 4 letter words and uses all of the tiles, he will get the O on Sunday, one by Wednesday night and another by Saturday night. Bonanza!
  • And, for each daily job that is missed, I get to take away a tile of my choice.

Fun, huh? Look at all of the wonderful things he can earn….and all of the chances to earn an additional tile. And they are only 4 letter words….. I fully expect him to win this one…Maybe.

6 Replies to “Did You Miss My Games?”

  1. Oh, this sounds like SO much fun!!!! Dammit snake you get all the fun things!!! 😛
    Though, 60 swats by any implement of your choice sounds scary..and exciting..and scary again lol
    The evil part of me hopes he loses! bwahahaha

    Very creative, fun, and building on the bond of the relationship. I heart it!!


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