Can You Last 15 Minutes? Keep Track!

One of the hardest things to manage is a continuous bit of activity from Charmer. This has played out many times – many times it’s a challenge to see if I can last “X” amount of time, or through “X” number of interchanges.

I remember a bit ago that I’d found the 500 stroke challenge. It was a 5-day thing – where you get 100 the first day, 200 the second… But you had to sort of “bet” on whether you could do the strokes – no stopping even if you get to the edge – outside the 100 stroke boundaries. And, up to the number for that day, but you had to keep increasing to get to 500 non-stop.


But Charmer always tosses other things into the mix. One of her favorite is my having to keep track – be it time or count or edges or whatever. It’s brutal when your brain is doing flip-flops, your body is fighting to deal with the good (or hard) sensations, or whatever else is going on.

We’ve had times where the wand, complete with sleeve attachment, is put on, then it goes for 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off… to a stop-watch. Seems super simple in the beginning. Yeah, not so much later on. It’s nearly impossible to keep hitting that button for timekeeping or counts or whatever the challenge is at hand.

Oh, and of course if you fail at any of these, there’s always a consequence. Could be longer to an O. Could be a picture. Could be impact play that heads into the punishment-type play. But it’s not like you can just go “aw, shucks. I messed up…” It’s quite the incentive.

It seems, too, that the keeping track stuff messes with my head. It breaks the concentration. It makes it impossible to fight back at times. How many edges was that? OMG, what?!? … And there it goes.

I think timekeeping, and counts or whistling (no, she’s not really done that), or whatever Charmer decides is really her way of poking around my brain, of playing with things, with me (pardon the pun) and of maintaining that “it’s a game. But I’ll win,” edge.

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  1. Oh gosh, keeping track while your brain moves into a phase where it’s almost impossible to think is sooooo difficult. I once managed to count to 80 orgasms spread out over an afternoon, but had I not kept track on a notepad in between, I would never have managed! Charmer sure knows how to keep things… interesting 😉

    Rebel xox

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