I’ve never had what I considered a lot of friends. I’ve always been more of a few close friends and a lot of people who I like to do things with. They are casual friends but not the ones who would get a call if I needed something.

Growing up in a pretty small town and going to the neighborhood school, friends were really whoever lived near you and you got along with. They were friends but very transitory depending on cliques and people moving away.

My first real best friend wasn’t until 6th grade. It was her first year at our school and we clicked. Our friendship has evolved and changed and went silent and came back together over the years, but she is still my friend. I moved to Tucson after 9th grade, but she has been here to visit, I’ve visited her and we’ve brought our husbands along in later years. When we get together, it is still comfortable.

Friendship is so weird. You just pick a human you’ve met and you’re like, ‘Yep, I like this one,’ and you just do stuff with them.

Bill Murray

That’s really the truth. Most of my close friendships have always been just meeting someone and going, “Yes, this feels right.” They don’t always last, but the fact that they were a truly important part of my life always makes them special.

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As an adult, I’ve had a few close friends besides Snake. Of course, he is my best bestie because he gets me. He calls me on my shit when necessary, helps me when I need it and we have fun together. Laughing and just hanging out.

Most of my adult friends, are more situational. I do certain things with them and they fit that particular friend “niche” that no one else does. I value their friendships, but they aren’t ones I want to spend time outside the known situations with them.

I guess to me, the ones that surprised me the most are the online ones. I have connected with some people who are so important to me. I’ve met some in person and others are strictly online but they all bring me smiles and support and love. I didn’t expect them to become so much a part of my daily life. I miss them if they aren’t around and check on them if I haven’t heard from them.

Unexpected friendships are the best.

So friendship? To me, it is the people who come into my life unexpectedly, set up shop and make my life so much more.

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  1. I love your quote:

    ‘Friendship is so weird. You just pick a human you’ve met and you’re like, ‘Yep, I like this one,’ and you just do stuff with them.

    Bill Murray’

    That may be part of the answer I was looking for in my post in my search for the why and how of friendship. Thanks for your post ☺️

  2. It’s nice to know that your partner is your best friend. I totally forgot to mention that lol. And I know exactly what you mean about “situational friends.” I like that term😁

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