Luck can be a b*tch

Having your fortunes determined by luck is a touchy thing to try. Letting that determine when and whether you get to do a thing is very high trust. As the /s/ in the situation here, I always get these thoughts in my head that “this time it’ll be different” and “heck, they can’t possibly ALWAYS” win – surely there’s some luck here that will turn my way…

I’m here to tell you – if your Dominant partner is looking to have luck control things, I can almost guarantee that they’re thinking through what things will swing their way. The house doesn’t lose. They may pay out a win from time to time, but over time, the house always wins. It’s how it’s built.

It’s how it’s been built for us, too.

Just look at the things we’ve played around with, to determine fortunes, or tasks, or, well, yeah. Just about everything:

Some of these have been re-done several times over (with and without official reporting), and some have been one-offs. But nearly every time I start thinking I have a chance – that luck will step in an give me tiles or better questions, or I’ll guess right – but also nearly every time… I’m mistaken. Unlucky. It’s crazy!

I’ve even been wrong about that – about 95% of the time. 🙂

This is to say that luck has played a huge part in our play time – and in making things a little more open to chance and giving things a margin of possibility. It’s fun to mix things up with games and options and ideas – and it’s fun, too, I imagine, to figure out how to slant things in one way or the other. Not in a “breaking the rules” kind of way, but in picking games and rules that play to the other person’s particular weaknesses, or adding levels of chance on to levels of chance.

  • Win a level? Great – now spin the wheel to see what you get! Oh, darn, just a task. Bummer. Too bad you didn’t land on that “wild orgy” option!
  • Win a level? Great – roll the dice – as long as you get a 1 or 6, you’re golden. Otherwise, I really need a massage.

Now, to be fair, everyone wins. It just might not seem quite like it in the moment.

So, beware relying on “luck” when luck can be morphed and teased and tweaked… even just a little. You may get that jackpot, but I assure you, the house always wins… So enjoy it!

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  1. I wondered if anyone would use the prompt of ‘Luck’ in this fashion as I fondly recall the popular 1970’s book Diceman by Luke Rhinehart. My former mistress enjoyed games of chance, especially when she could stack the odds. I did smile at this post.

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