FLR and D/s Course Correction Underway

I’ve been a busy snake of late.

With the game, the challenge prior to that, and Charmer’s good nature, I’ve been allowed orgasms on a very regular basis – sometimes to the point of torture (at least with ruined orgasms).  You can read more about those in the other posts, but suffice to say, it’s been fun.


It’s had a pretty profound impact on my subby side. One that I felt, but didn’t really recognize.  Leave it to Charmer to step in, point it out and then kick into gear to get things back on track.  I’ve been feeling a bit washed out, apparently a bit snarky and just not in that place where she really likes to keep me, and I like to be kept.  It’s a place of contentment, but full of energy and lust.

Yesterday I received a quick post on our personal journals that indicated that things were going to be changed, effective immediately, to address this.  She outlined the changes, and what she expected.

– She’s changing the game – it’s too easy to get points.  She’s off calculating ways to keep it in my mind, to use the game to keep me “motivated” to accumulate points, etc.  I’m confident she’ll have all sorts of ideas on this that we’ll apply to the game.

– Cage-on, time maximized – we’ve had the cage largely off because of edema and waiting for a modified cage from MM.  Hope to have that back shortly. In the meantime, Steelheart it is only off from bedtime to getting up in the morning

– No more snarky… or else.

– Stories – I missed one last week because of life.  I have to catch that up and get this week’s story done.

– The orgasm-festival is officially over.  No ruined, no regular.  Just teasing and edging until 2-8 weeks (or more) from now.  Specifically, until she feels I’m back on an even keel where she wants me.

I suspect some other things will be happening to reset the world too.

After hearing all of this, I have to admit that she’s right.  I don’t know for sure what the cause is, but I can tell you that just hearing these changes and seeing the shift in her is smoothing over the edges already.  I hadn’t really come to terms with what was going on (didn’t even know I was being snarky, which is bad, must solve that). But I can see that these are great steps that need to be taken.

I love being in “that place” for her and hearing that it’s going to be awhile before any chance of orgasm makes my inner me purr.  I’ll keep you posted on the changes and any other items put into play as well.

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