Review: GearEssentials Ball Weights

I recently ordered and received the GearEssentials Ball Weight – I thought I’d share my experiences with them and provide some information about things I’ve learned in using it.

Use at your own risk.  I provide this information as a review of my experience – your mileage may vary and that’s cool, right?  It’s great to explore. 


After talking with Charmer, we decided we wanted to venture out into the world of Ball Weights.  The pics on the GearEssentials site are pretty great and the idea is intriguing.  I poked around the site and read through their feedback and such and decided on the 8oz to start since I had no idea what to expect.  This is the smallest weight, but the one they recommend you start with.  You also pick an inside diameter – and, if you’re like me and familiar with chastity cages, the inside diameter options of 1.25″ or 1.5″ seem pretty tight.  They are, but more on that later.  I ordered the 8oz 1.5″ ring.

It’s pretty cool – it actually closes with an allen wrench (included).  The weight is stainless steel and has a very satisfying, quality feel to it.  It’s rock solid and well made.  The mechanics of putting it on are pretty hard to imagine at first.  If you’re like me, the first thing you do is look at the opening, look at your junk and sort of say “ain’t no way…”   But I’ve found a technique that makes it much easier (more in a minute) than that first attempt at squeeze and pinch.

The rings are built to be stacked.  If you check out the site, there are all sorts of ring weights and you can put on the 8oz and the 16oz for example.  As your body adjusts to the weight and stretch, you can add rings until you have the results you want.  I couldn’t find much about how long the effect lasts, but from what I can tell, it does hang around (sorry) for a good while.  I suspect you can do some simple maintenance by wearing the rings from time to time to keep things where you want them.

One tip I did see – if you’re using more than one ring, you may want to have a small spacer between the rings.  This will keep things from getting pinched between the stacked rings.  I thought this was a great tip.

Usage: Getting it on

Getting it on the first time is a very interesting experience.  It’s a tight fit, and I’m confident that that will be the case no matter who you are.  That, combined with the fact that you don’t know what you’re doing for sure makes it a bit challenging.  It’s not hard, though, if you take your time.  One quick warning, DO take your time and get the skin out of the way of the seam where the ring closes (it’s two halves that get put together).  This is a serious pinch point and can surprise you in not-so-pleasant ways.  In my first attempt, I managed to pinch in there pretty good to the point where I had a small bit of blood.  But, if you’re like me, if my scrotum is bleeding *at all,* I’m not a happy camper.  So just be careful and patient.

On the site, you’ll see references to taking a hot shower to relax things, then put the ring on there.  I don’t know if it’s me (I’m a grower/high/tight) or what, but in the shower, I was dropping the weight – and that’s no small matter.  I was afraid I’d drop it on my foot or the tiles and cause other issues.  I just couldn’t get a grip on things enough to get the ring on correctly. I think this is a good place to start, but just be aware that the water can be helpful or challenging depending on your own anatomy.

So, for me, I came down to the shoelace method.  Trust me, it sounds extreme, but it works well and keeps you sane.

Get a wide shoelace, fairly long if possible.

Loop this around your scrotum, above your testicles.  You’re going to make this your temporary ball weight, so pull it snug, wrangle your skin a bit, pull it snugger.  Remember, this goes where the ring will end up, so you want to be snug down on your testicles, not cheating it up.  It’ll take some tugging and moving the skin around to get the fit you want.  DO NOT tie off the shoestring, just loop it so it will hold on a bit.  You’re not looking to tie a tourniquet, you’re just looking to do the positioning and wrangling with the shoelace, NOT the unforgiving metal ring.

Once you have it where you can hold the bottom half of the ring under your scrotum and where the shoelace is, you can test fit the top half, make sure you don’t pinch.  Take your time.  Relax.  Remember, you can apply a bit more pressure with the shoelace to make it easier to close the ring.

Once you close the ring, just drop in the screw, tighten it down (SLOWLY, again, watch the pinch), and you’re done.  Carefully remove the shoelace.

Pro tip: don’t yank out the shoelace.  You don’t want a rope burn there.

At this point, I always adjust the skin in the ring if needed. Try to avoid folds, try to avoid too much tension on your testicles.  If your testicles are turning purple and/or cold, you have a problem and need to take a break and try again a bit later.  You aren’t looking for bodily harm here, you’re looking for a cool stretch.

The final bit – also learned from the chastity devices I’ve worn – if your testicles start to burn – like the skin, not internally – just put some hand lotion on them.  It’ll soothe it, help your skin relax (and stretch) and you’ll be good to go. You won’t have to do this very much.  Maybe once or twice to start.

Usage: Wearing it

Wearing the ball weights is much less traumatic than I imagined, I have to admit.  I thought it would be really challenging, but instead it’s actually quite comfortable.  I started with a single hour or so, then 5, now can wear them all day without any issue at all.  It’s not obvious under clothing and you get the nice tug and constriction feeling.  It’s not been a problem at all.  Be sure to check yourself though – give your body time to adjust – no purple or cold testicles or anything else that would indicate a problem.


I think it’s pretty cool.  Charmer really likes the look of it and I think the feeling is great too.  I enjoy wearing it, and am looking forward to the opportunity to add other rings if it seems like a continuing good fit.  I’m really glad we tried it, and are continuing to do it!

I’d recommend it as an intriguing and different idea!

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    1. When we received these, I couldn’t find much information at all about getting the darn thing on. I stumbled upon this different approach and thought it might save someone’s sanity.

      Definitely an all new type of detail in the review. 🙂

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