Results of Round Two of the Game

There have been memes and life and I haven’t had time to give the results of the second round. I’m sure it has been in the back of your brain, keeping you awake at night so, here goes….

Day one: It’s a pity that kids these days are all getting involved with ___.

  • 67% for the entire Mormon Tabernacle Choir (me)
  • 33% for sucking all the milk out of a yak (Snake)

Day two: Brought to you by Bud Light, the Official Beer of ___.

  • 71% for old-people smell (me)
  • 29% for a fun, sexy time at the nude beach (Snake)

Day three: I’m sorry, sir, but we don’t allow ___ at the country club.

  • 75% for the Patriarchy (Snake)
  • 25% for a full-on panic attack (me)

Day four: Duuuuuuuude. You have got to go to space. ___ is awesome in space.

  • 56% for finger painting (me)
  • 44% for fake tits (Snake)

Day five: Puberty is a time of change. You might notice hair growing in new places. You might develop an interest in ___. This is normal.

  • 100% for how far I can get my own penis up my butt (me)
  • 0% for my ex-wife (Snake)

Day six: Why won’t you make love to me anymore? Is it __?

  • 57% for internet porn analysis paralyis (Snake)
  • 43% for interspecies marriage (me)

Day seven: My grandfather worked his way up from nothing. When he came to this country, all he had was the shoes on his feet and ___.

  • 60% for Lunchables (me)
  • 40% for the little-known fact that Polish people don’t dream. (Snake)

So…drum roll, please, Charmer wins again! And I didn’t even cheat by seeing his answer before I gave mine.

For the record, you voters are a little warped. I like you that way but really. And, also, Polish people do dream. #partPolish

So, again, he could have added an extra O to his yearly count but alas. Instead, he owes me two hours of time, broken up as necessary by the pesky routines of life, where I get to tease him unmercifully in any way I want. And if he slips up and cums? Well, let’s just say that another two hours is tacked on, each time. *evil chuckle*

I’m plotting out a new Scrabble game. It’s going to involve words–imagine that–and let him earn/lose tiles to add new words. i just haven’t figured out exactly what he’ll have to do to get more tiles. It should be really difficult, right? And losing tiles should be really easy?

Stay tuned…

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