Scrabble Game to Start 2023

It’s time to play a game… And guess what? It’s Snake’s favorite type of game.

[Snake, squeezing eyes shut: please don’t say scrabble, please don’t say scrabble, please don’t say scrabble…]

<the voice inserts “It isn’t his favorite type. He hates it in fact.>

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The game starts today, January 11, and lasts until January 31. That’s exactly 21 days for him to earn his reward. The game will go as follows:

Snake can earn 3 Scrabble tiles for each job he completes from the job container. He has to choose blindly and has to complete it that day or he loses 3 tiles. If he completes it, he earns 3 tiles. Or can swap out 3 tiles with new ones if he has enough tiles to swap to do this. He can, however, only do one job per day.

Or alternatively, he can choose up to 2 tasks from the task container. Again, he has to choose blindly and has to complete them that day or he loses one tile per task that he doesn’t complete. He gets one tile for each completed task or he can swap for a new one if he has enough tiles to swap.

Why are tasks worth less? They are fun play things. There is impact play, e-stim, and all sorts of other goodies in that container. Since he’ll enjoy them a lot more, they are worth less.

So, what does he need to do with these tiles? I’m glad you asked. He needs to complete a reasonable sentence by the end that has to include the words Snake and Charmer. See? It’s easy.

And the stakes? He’ll earn 7 O’s in the month of February. Pretty generous, if you ask me. And if he loses, he’ll have to endure 14 ruined O’s in February. I mean, he still gets to have fun so he’ll win either way.

And just to be clear: No, he cannot ask for help creating words…

Let the fun begin…

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