Scrabble Results

We finished up the last game on July 3rd. He needed to score 160 to win, 120-159 to draw and less than that was a loss.

Here’s how the game played out:

  • Day one he played event across the center for 8. He decided to try to get cute picking new tiles for the next day by looking and so he started the next day with only 6 tiles to play.
  • Day two he played wits for 15.
  • Day three he played next for 13.
  • Day four he played hound for 23.
  • Day five he played pooled for 11.
  • Day six he played aloft for 27.
  • Day seven he played white for 13.

So, according to my math, Snake got 110 and that’s a loss for him. So instead of adding to his O count for the year, he had to give one up. Most surprising to me was that he didn’t take advantage of any opportunities to earn additional tiles….You don’t think he wanted to lose, do you?

What’s next? I have been doing some thinking about it. Not sure about the game yet because we’ve used Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble and CAH and I keep winning. I mean, I like being me and winning but I should give him a chance, right?

Maybe not.

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