Sometimes, A Reset

It strikes me that this whole thing (this thing that we do, TTTWD) takes a LOT of heavy lifting at times. Sometimes it’s working out details. A lot of times it’s working to keep an open mind (we’re going to do WHAT??!) and other times, it’s being mindful that you’re trying to change your own behaviors along the way.

It gets awfully close to “work” but it’s all personal. It’s a choice. And it doesn’t matter the flavor you’re chasing. It can be that you just want to be “more” for your partner, or that you want to try something new, or that you’re interested in lifestyle stuff or bedroom stuff or… you get the idea.

The fact is, change takes attention. Change takes energy.

I love the things that come about from deciding to change. Actually, I should say, I love MANY of the things that come about from change. There are certainly hits and misses along the way. But those changes, on the whole, are really interesting, fun, exciting and inject a lot into life.

Charmer has a way of managing through all of this – of seeing little things and tweaks and all of that throughout and just recently, it happened again. We took some time for a bit of a reset.

Just us, just together, just relaxed.

It was a mental reset. A reminder of what needs to be at the core of nearly anything you’ll likely be changing; that relationship that makes the bumps and grinds (sorry) work out and worth doing.

We took some time to just chill. No D/s, just good old-fashioned us-time – but with skin… to reinforce the things at the center of all of this. Time to reconnect, and time to do that mini-reset.

Not to change the world. Not to undo anything. Just to conquer the world and take on whatever is coming next. I didn’t even pick up on the fact that it would be helpful, frankly, but once she brought it up and made it happen, I could see it then, plain as day.

So, moral to the story (and SO not being preachy), as you go through life in general, take a few minutes, set aside some time, reset. Kiss them. Chill with them. Give ’em a huge hug. Heck, get nekkid and just lay there, or, well, yeah. But take a breath.

I can almost guarantee it’ll never hurt, and at the same time, I can almost guarantee it’ll help, and show exactly why you’re with your chosen life partners.

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