Anniversary Scrabble–The Results

Yes–we did finally finish the game that I started on the 6th…. It ended on Saturday night with my backrub and happy ending.

So, he got a roll of 1 and got an I after the last update. He got assigned cleaning windows naked on Tuesday and after completing that, he rolled a 5. As you can see–still no L!

Wednesday he had to post a picture that I was kind enough to take while he was doing the windows. If you missed that, check out his Twitter feed–he looks good doing windows.

He rolled a 4 after that and picked these tiles–no L in the bunch.

The next day he was assigned doing the rest of the windows naked. Unfortunately, we ended up running errands to try to find groceries after a certain grocery store decided to cancel my order for pickup without bothering to let me know. So, we drove 45 minutes each way for nothing and stopped at our close one to get what they had in stock from the order. Since it wasn’t his fault and he was kind enough to help with the mess, I gave him a pass and let him roll. He rolled a 4.

At this point he was making comments that I had removed all of the L’s from the bag. I pulled out randomly without looking and managed to get one. Silly guy….

Friday night he was tasked with wearing a plug for 4 hours after he got home. He did that and his roll that time was a 6–his odds simply had to be getting better as I was not putting the used tiles back in the bag. And it is a standard set of Scrabble tiles.

And yet…not an L in sight. Of course, he did have one more day to try to get that elusive L or two. And plenty of letters to make words around the L’s if they appeared.

Saturday–the final day. He was tasked with giving me a massage with a happy ending. I know–as tasks go, he didn’t really have it that rough. He did give me a very nice massage and several very nice O’s.

So, he rolled a 2. The drum roll began as he reached into the bag and pulled out two letters.

Final result? Not a single L. I’m actually thinking the odds are ridiculously low that this would occur but the Fates have spoken. No O for him until April 4th. This was actually the original date so I’m even being super nice and not pushing it out a week like I should.

So, I’m thinking I may try this one again. Who knows? He may end up with a goal letter that is so much easier to find. Or, you know, an X.

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