Working From Home

Yep…this is the new normal for a while. We’ve set up an office for you in one of the bedrooms and agreed that you will be back there except for necessities. Actual necessities….

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Day one goes as planned. You go into the bedroom, close the door and are gone except for the occasional bathroom break and getting food from the kitchen. I go about my work as usual since I’m usually at home anyway.

Day two starts as it should. I kiss you goodbye just like usual, you carry your computer and water into the bedroom and close the door. I settle in for my own work.

I can hear you through the door and you don’t sound happy. It’s HER. The client from hell. She’s the only one who exists, has been the only one who ever exists and is the only important person on the planet. She expects you to be available constantly and yet if she is busy, you are to wait. The only reason you keep her is that you believe in her cause.

It goes quiet and I figure that you have moved on. I get focused on what I’m doing and suddenly realize that you are standing next to me, waiting.


You unload all of the stuff that she said and expects. I know how frustrated and angry you are and I listen. You know the choices–drop her and end the relationship or continue on. She won’t change. You just need to talk about it. After you are done, I look at the clock.

“You broke the agreement,” I say. “And interrupted my work in the process.”

You stop and look shocked for a moment. “But…”

“We agreed to the rules and the consequences of breaking them, right?”


“Then we will deal with it tonight. Have a good afternoon at work,” I say, turning back to the computer.

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