I Like Your Style

We were in Vegas, wandering and doing things you do in Vegas. If there’s one thing being with Charmer has taught me, it is that you do the things when they present themselves, because you both never know what you’ll really like, and never know when you might have the chance again in the future.

This was one of those times. We were looking at this… Sculpture… And watching others stand about 5′ in front of it, taking pictures. But when it opened up, I just walked up and grabbed ’em.

It was fun, but I got called out by a couple of people…. “I like your style.”

I’m not meaning to brag. If there is one thing I’ve learned tho, from terrifying zip lining to pitch dark cave exploring to all of this stuff we do, it’s that Charmer has it right.

Do the thing. If it’s just that you’re nervous, or haven’t done it before, get up, do the thing. Dance in front of everyone doing a native dance you have no clue about.

Try that sexy thing.


You just never know – from the super simple and basic (grab that sculpture’s backside like you mean it) to the really much more edgy… You just really never know when you’ll not be able to try it in the future.

You might find yourself locked in and unable to travel, for example. Who knew?

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9 Replies to “I Like Your Style”

  1. I so agree, we should all grab the opportunity and do those things, because you never know if you will ever have another opportunity. I know this, but now to just do it…

    Rebel xox

  2. Yes Charmer is right… do the thing. It is something I have regretted not doing recently and have paid a heavy price for now that no one can travel


  3. Ha! I would have done the same thing just for fun. To me whether I do the thing or not really depends on what the thing is and how I feel about it.

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