SoSS 23

Hope everyone is taking care of yourselves and each other–and here are some things to distract in a fun way.

Sexy Images

SinfulSunday 💋 If you insist… by Muse Of course–there is nothing else you can do. (Twitter: @MuseDreamer99)

SinfulSunday — good-bye 61 by Eye Beautiful birthday shot–happy birthday! (Twitter: @_Masterseye)

Tantalising Ass by depressedqueerdo Love the sheer skirt and attitude! (Twitter: @ComedyHarley)

Wavelength by MariaSibylla The lines and b&w make this stunning! (Twitter: @MSM1647)

Sexy Writing

SB4MH – Social Anxiety by Sweeten Dirty Nervous was always my word too before anxiety. And love the goodbyes. (Twitter: @Sweeten_Dirty)

Hot Lips by Cara Thereon This was so much fun to read! (Twitter: @thereon_cara)

“Do you miss being able to make choices about your orgasms?” by Tom Allen He is always one of my favorites when he writes and I really liked reading about their trip into chastity. (Twitter: @taomlin)

Wounded Knee Part Two ~ Meniscus Tear by May More Being another person who opted out of surgery (herniated disc), I was impressed by your strength and initiative to get through it. (Twitter: @May_Matters)

Perseverance for Pain #WickedWednesday by Victoria Blisse This is so beautiful–and so accurate, at least for Snake. (Twitter: @victoriablisse)

[Erotica] Sometime Around Midnight by Floss There are definitely times when we do need to just hide away and be together–love this. (Twitter: @_floss_84)

#119 Mutual Masturbation by Amy and Mike Super sexy idea! (Twitter: @RealFucketList)

Top SteeledSnake Post of the Week

Modeling 101 by Charmer (Twitter: @SteelChrmr)

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