Modeling 101

It’s date night. You are bringing home dinner and then it’s time for a photo shoot. Because how else do we get enough photos for the blog?

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We put on some TV, eat some dinner, drink some wine and generally relax a little. You clean up the dishes while I go get into something “more comfortable” for some pictures.

You meet me in the studio–you know, the spare room–and put the black blanket down on the bed. I’ve got a pile of lingerie options for you to choose from and am standing there naked.

You come over to kiss me and your hands wander. “None of that,” I laugh. “We have serious work to get done here.”

You make a face and then pick out a blue corset. “This looks like a good start.”

I put it on and lay on the bed. You grab the flashlight, your phone and turn off the lights. Turning the flashlight on, you put me in a blinding spotlight. After holding a few positions while you take what feels like thousands of shots, you stand up on the bed to try to get a different angle.

The mattress shifts a bit on the platform and you struggle to keep your balance. You fight and get back in control. You take another thousand shots and then start to kneel for one more angle. You put down the flashlight and phone to get yourself in position and I turn suddenly.

As I turn you lose your focus and end up rolling onto the bed on your back. I take advantage of the situation and roll on top of you.

“I think the model needs a break,” I say. And pin you.

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