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Near Misses and Kink Orbits

I’ve been thinking a lot about how D/s and all of this has woven into our lives – it’s a huge piece of our responses, our reactions to thing that happen in daily life. And, you also see it literally everywhere in the kink space – from Fetlife to Twitter and other spaces. People lean on their D/s side, their kink side, to help right the ship of life when things get choppy.

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Snake’s Perspective: Lifestyle D/sFLR

This is a second part to Charmer’s post, here.

I don’t get as many questions about things as Charmer does – but I do get a lot of assumptions. I get assumptions about what it means to be in an FLR with D/s structure and how it all works for us. It’s odd how people will see a video, read a story someplace and assume that that’s both reality and the same for everyone.

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Finally Figured Out My Kink

I always see these checklist of stuff that people (may) like to do, be, participate in, have done, whatever. I’m sure you’ve seen them – my favorite was a Periodic Table of Kink where it showed, by “type” different things people may be interested in. My OCD loves that it’s broken into the different areas and ideas.

But, of course, as soon as you start really looking, you find that there are so very many things (let alone Rule 34) that people like to do. You can see this on Fetlife too – 1000’s of kinks, from situational to objects to every combination you can imagine.

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Father’s Day

First, happy Father’s Day to all of you out there getting it done, helping out with families, taking care of the more important things in life – your partners, your families.

Second, just a heads-up, this won’t be about sexy times… just about life and influences and some reflection. I think it’s really fascinating to see the influences and how they play out (including in our own FLR) over time. For pure sexiness, check out Charmer’s Sinful Sunday. 🙂

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Room 101 – Fears, Domme-side and Life

I love that this Food for Thought Friday ties to George Orwell and 1984. This was one of my favorite books as a tween. I was raised by a father who thought that all small children should be read classics and I vividly remember him reading Kim by Rudyard Kipling to me when I was 5. So, it is no surprise that I read all of the classics that I could find.

I don’t have a lot of fears. [Snake: I can vouch for this – from a sexy-time perspective and a life perspective] I do seriously dislike jumping bugs. I hate driving but definitely more of a control freak issue. Anything I can’t control as much as possible makes me uncomfortable. But I can’t say that it goes to fear.

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