You’re in… Dark.

When I walk into the hallway, all the lights are on – there are even additional lamps out there. So much so that the light is blaring at me. All I can think is that this must be the weirdest setup to whatever you have planned, that I have ever had.

I turn the corner and enter the room, the door shutting behind me.

It’s pitch black.

The change from the overlit hall the completely dark room is so stark that I almost “hear” the light go away – like this “boom” in my mind as it all goes to black.

Strip.” You’re apparently right next to me, or were when you said it. I turn to look at you, but of course it’s just dark. I startle though and you clearly moved away. I hear you snicker quietly too.

I do as I’m told and I see a match across the room. You’re lighting a single tea light. The flame is dancing around and it’s giving off this tiny, weak single point of light in the room. It’s not enough to see you other than shadowy-type things moving around, but it dances around, jerking shadows and darkness back and forth in the room.

2 small steps forward,” again, somehow, you’re next to me and then gone. Whispering – normally it’d be creepy as hell, but right now, it’s seductive. My heart and mind are racing, trying to figure out the whole thing. I step forward carefully.

I feel a hood slide down over my head, compressing my nose, then completing the whole complete darkness piece once again. Now sounds are muffled, but I can feel you moving around me. You’re not touching me. Not physically. But the anticipation and and just the sense that you’re almost doing things to me with your eyes. But how would I know? I swear that’s what I feel though.

And it shows. I can feel myself getting harder and harder, almost straining. Which makes me laugh at myself. I can’t believe doing …nothing… has such an effect. “What’s so funny,” I hear from you – in an unamused voice. I didn’t realize I’d laughed out loud. Sounds, light flashes are all bouncing around my head it’s actually a bit difficult to separate some of them from what’s going on.

I explain, and about 3 words in, “Shhhhhhhh….” is all you say. I shush.

At first I’m not sure anything at all is actually happening, but then, yes, I’m sure. The absolute lightest of touches grazes the head of my cock. It jumps and I just barely feel you run a finger down the underside me, again, the lightest of touches. I want to stab at the air, to get more of your touch, but that’s not a good idea, I don’t think. Not now.

I feel you make a ring around me, sliding your hand slowly, painfully slowly, up and down my shaft. Barely touching me, but certainly having its intended impact. I’m straining. I don’t dare move, not an inch. I clasp my hands strongly behind me, almost self-bondage-style to keep from moving.

You run your hand all the way up against my body, making me thrust forward just a bit, and I feel your teeth on my chest in a flash. I start to double over and hear a muffled “nope. HOLD STILL” and feel your jaw clamp down harder, bringing whimpers from me before I even realize it.

You release at last and I instantly feel the heat building at the point in my chest, but now you’re stroking with your whole hand, still just the slightest of touches, but insistently up and back again.

Here’s the deal. Sit down if you want. Bend over if you want. Lay down if you want. But if any of those things happen, we stop. No do-overs. Done. Do you understand? I need you to stand there present this great canvas for me to play with, to mark.

Yes, yes of course I do. I nod.

I feel you playing with my ring now, feel it reverberating through the inside of my cock. Feel it playing with my nerves there, tweaking them in the most urgent way. Your hand encloses me, grips me and rides me, tip to base over and over. Those waves are ripping through me pulling me forward, pushing me back. I’m fighting to keep still, to not bend over, to not beg.

Your grip changes, pressing your thumb against the underside just so, now forcing me forward to… I am suddenly there, and of course you know it – you grab me, squeezing me, as I fight to stand, to keep control.

Your teeth choose a different location – and drive home to their mark. I feel your teeth first, then the heat and sear of the hickey. It’s stinging, pulling my skin into your mouth in a violent sexual kiss. I start to pull toward it, to let it take over and you switch back to your teeth, grinding a bit before you release me… and start stroking again.

This repeats, several times over. You love playing the pain/pleasure game. The ability to keep me on the whimper/edge line is amazing and it pulls at me. I want to kneel. Lay down. Bend over. Anything. Just be able to give in to it all. But the rules…

As you take me to the edge again, you don’t stop, but instead keep stroking. As I get closer and closer, you bite down harder and harder. The short circuit is intense, and finally the orgasm is winning out. I try to control it, but the pain has stopped my mind from having the will to control, and my body gave up a good while ago.

It feels like my insides give way in a sudden dam burst, all at once – I feel that wash of light and nerves and erotic energy and yes, pain, flash through me, almost forcing me to the floor. I take a small step forward to steady myself and hear your laugh, muffled in my chest.

You also haven’t stopped stroking. It’s all I can do to stay upright. The urgency to stop you is overwhelming, you release with your mouth, but the strokes are continuing, doing all the things that you know put me over the top normally, but not in the seconds following an orgasm – not now. Now it’s literally torture. I’m jerking around, I must look absolutely out of control, absolutely in the moment, this moment.

My head is screaming, my ears are screeching, my body is in this massive cringe, fighting back with everything it has… and finally, slowly you begin to slow down, to let me settle. It takes what seems like hours but at last you stop.

I’m standing there, trying to stay upright. You pull the mask up just enough to kiss me, and just quietly say “well, that was fun… ” I can feel you grinning into the kiss, it melts me.

You slowly pull the hood off and as my eyes adjust, I realize the room lights are on, you’re in a T-shirt and gym shorts. You do this twirl in front of me.

What? You like my sexy lingerie? I wanted to fuck with your head, not get all dressed up this time, how’d I do?