Scrabble Game Results

I don’t know if I mentioned it or not, but I really don’t like Scrabble. My brain fixates on letters (regardless of whether they make words or not) and I have a really hard time making anything more out of them. I can take FOREVER to come up with words.  Like to the point where I think people start to leave to get beverages waiting. [SSC:  No.  We finish beverages, make more and sometimes finish those.]  It’s not pretty.

Before I get into the results, you can play along if you like.  Remember the challenge rules (here’s a link) – and then here are the letters I selected from the magical bag of Scrabble tiles:

H A Y I Q E A C L E E T D G 

So, if you want to play along and make a mockery of my word selection skills, take a moment and play with the letters – feel free to leave comments on all of the words you find that fit the criteria of the game.  I’ll tell you in a bit how it turned out for me.  Suffice to say HAY isn’t a valid word in the context of this game.

As soon as Charmer indicated that this would be a Scrabble-type game, I knew I was in trouble.  Of course that’s why she did it too.  I also knew that my only chance of any kind of success was to get as many tiles as I physically was able to.  I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the most beneficial path through the challenges she presented.  I knew from my experience with the Memorial Day Challenge (Game | Results) that it would be an endurance challenge on some of these so I had to be careful and not over-estimate my ability to hang in there.

Day 1 – Friday Night
I went for edges with the nJoy 2.0 plug in.  I managed to get to 8 before my brain began to melt.  I learned very quickly that there were no rules about how Charmer would administer her side of things.  She had no intention of making it easy, so some of these edges were tortuous, longer-period edges.  But I made it – and, with the plug in, managed to get 2 tiles.

I also offered to give Charmer some fun – so very much enjoyed some very intense orgasms for her – 7 of them – that netted another tile.  In retrospect, she’s usually up for more.  I had become so fixated on the tiles that I thought I had to end at 7.  That wasn’t very nice of me. [SSC:  Agreed.  You could have had more tiles.  Easily.]  I need to learn to stay focused on proper goals, even when the game is in action.

One of the items that was in a mysterious black case mentioned in the challenge rules is a set of sounds.  I’ve wanted to try these, as has Charmer, and this was to be the time.  Hey, TILES rested in the balance!  So we got out the sounds and I was a little surprised that Charmer was going to drive.  I always thought that I’d be the one doing the poking and prodding, but she wanted to be the one in charge. [SSC:  Duh.]  I had no complaints.

Now, if you’ve never used sounds before (here’s a link to the set we used), it’s a very, very different sensation.  There’s really no way to describe it that doesn’t sound painful – but it’s not.  It’s a bizarre sensation as something is slid into you – and then as it moves around, it’s a good bit like the feeling when you come – but it just continues.  You can twist the sound, move it in and out and it’s like someone pushing your buttons from inside your body.  We used Surgilube from all of the recommendations that we saw online and had sterilized the sounds – there is some housekeeping to be done to get ready – but it’s intense and very, very different.  I think next time I’ll be able to relax more and we can experiment even more with it.  If you look at the picture at the link above, you can see there are some mammoth sounds in that kit.  We were using the 2nd to the smallest.  I can’t see how it’s even possible to go to very large ones on the other side of the case.

Needless to say, the sounds were a hit.  I’m planning to write a more in-depth review on these and the experience.

I ended the night with H A Y I  (4 edges with nJoy 2.0 in, 4 edges with nJoy 2.0 in, 7 orgasms for Charmer, sounding).

In other words, regarding the tiles, I GOT NOTHIN’!

Day 2 – Saturday
We were headed out for the day, so were limited to the AM.  Before we were heading out Charmer asked about tiles for the day and what my plan was.  In other words, “if you are going to get some today, its’ time to suck it up and do it.”  I decided to go back to the edges.

So she decided to compress the timeframe for the edges and make it super intense.  With the night before and then this, I was climbing the walls –  I was all but begging to be allowed to come.  But then she offered it.

“1000 points and you can come – you can even get a tile if we do it after the edges… “

Life is not fair.  Charmer is not fair.  I was screaming in my head “yes, YES!  Take the damn points away!”  But I somehow didn’t.  I somehow kept at least a modicum of logic and said no.  But then I had an idea.  As we were rounding the corner on the edging (and she was continuing to ask me about the points of course) I landed on the other item for tiles.  Ruined orgasms.

I asked for 2 after the edging to get another tile.  I told you I hate Scrabble.  At this point, it’s ANYTHING for another tile.  ANYTHING.   She giggled a bit and said she’d be happy to.  Such a trooper.  And sadist.  But I was already climbing the walls and desperate to come.  I figured the ruined might let off some steam.

When she finished with the last edge, as I was trying to regain some composure and not just scream (more) at the top of my lungs, she immediately started in for the ruined.  She was taking no prisoners… until she slowed down and tortured me a bit first.  Then she went all the way and …. timed it exactly right and I was jumping around trying to get just  a bit more touch, but it was not to be had.  It was ruined and semi-painful with all the build-up.  And it was only the first one.  After what seemed like about 2 milliseconds to come back down, she started in again for the second.  This time she didn’t wait.  It was intense and straight through… and time perfectly again.  [SSC:  I got mad skills.] GAH!  I was, what many would call, a hot mess.

For some, ruined orgasms take the edge off.  I have now learned that they do quite the opposite for me.   After I regained a bit of composure, and picked my tiles, I spent the balance of the day climbing the walls kind of horny.  I was distracted for the entire day, and really felt like I should have taken those damn points.  I know, poor me.  It was awesome.  My entire insides were alive and screaming.

I ended the day with Q E A – So I earned three more tiles.  (2 edges with nJoy 2.0 in, 2 ruined orgasms).

YAY!  A “Q.”  I’m sure I can use that in all sorts of words.  Sigh.  So of course I’m panicked a bit at this point.  I can’t see a single word, let alone two.  I have some real planning to do if I’m going to pull this off.  And, to add to all of this, my points on the overall ongoing game between us will actually go NEGATIVE if I lose this challenge.  Something that puts off any possible opportunity for me for probably a couple MORE weeks.   I’ve got to step up my game somehow.

Day 3 – Sunday, The Final Day
Today was a day mixed with getting a ton of stuff done around the house and, more importantly, MORE TILES.  I was close to calling it a done deal that I wasn’t going to make this.  I couldn’t see how I was possibly going to make sense of the tiles.  “HAY” – I kept coming back to Charmer and saying “you know, like a ROLL IN THE HAY!”  She’d just groan and walk away.

So I decided I’d start with more edges.  I was already coming out of my skin horny from all of the festivities and the thought of more edges was fun, but I was afraid I’d be offered the points again and not keep my wits about me.  Charmer’s expert attention was mostly merciful, with a few torments and torture points thrown in and, up to about 6 of the target 8, I was doing ok.  It was incredibly intense, but I was keeping it together in between.  When we got to the end, I asked for 4 ruined.  Is that even possible?

For Charmer,  yes, yes it is.  OMIGOD.  I honestly though my brain was going to melt.  I was so far beyond “hot mess” that it wasn’t funny.  I was sweating, cussing, I’m sure yelping and other inhuman noises were also happening.   Somehow she managed to pull out 4 sequential ruined orgasms.  Then I made the mistake of panicking about tiles and asking for 4 more.

She giggled a bit.  [SSC:  Giggled?  I would say it was a maniacal laugh.]  Settled in and there was no turning back.

5 was pretty ok.  I think I was beginning to wish I could buy more tiles somehow.

6 was bordering on lustfully painful.  It was actually a dry orgasm.  I’ve never felt quite like that.  I was stabbing at the air for any kind of helpful stimulation at the same time everything inside me was squeezing and pushing and trying to find some relief.   It was nowhere to be found.

7 was actually OK.  Excruciatingly pleasurable right up to the point of no return, then of course … nothing.  Just almost seizure-like things going on inside me.  It was hot as hell, but instead of relief, it just ratchets up the engine again.

8 was entirely dry again and left me in a big, literally soaking with sweat, spent, mess.  I made it to 8.   All of this had happened in 35 minutes.  (The edging and the ruined O’s).  Egad.  I’m not sure, but she may have asked if I wanted to go for two more.  I’m not sure my answer was intelligible if she did because I was totally wracked with a bizarre mixture of exhaustion, horniness and animal desire to finally get to come in full fashion.  I have rarely been that physically spent, but at the same time, every nerve in my body was firing and asking to finish the job.

Unfortunately, you may have noticed on the game rules, that that was not an option.  Period.

I picked tiles again.  I got to choose 6 tiles!  C L E E T G – wonderful.  (2 for 8 edges with the plug in, 4 for the ruined orgasms, 4 sets of 2). However, all I could see was the first word I’d seen.  CAGE.  Weak.  But it’ll get me past one word.

I did still have one more opportunity – I had a commitment from Charmer to have orgasm opportunities for her that evening.  I spent the entire day in an animal fog, trying to get things done.  I was quite productive, actually.  Somehow I had this over-abundance of energy.  Go figure.

That night, I even considered opening the other black box, but alas, it was not to be.  I was desperate for tiles because I was falling into my old ways.  Once I see one word, NOTHING else can be done with those letters.  So I’d seen “CAGE” but I couldn’t see much else.  I was really worried that I was going to get my butt kicked… again.  As she was soaking in the tub, enjoying her Kindle and reading, I was desperately looking for words.  I KNEW there were words there that would work – I could see it in her eyes when she was looking.  But, of course, she wasn’t going to help me either!

After the bath, we had a great time playing again and I managed to get to 12 for her before she called it quits.  12.  Not 14.  12.  One tile.    D.

So my final words were:



Pathetic.  Yes, they work, but… Charmer came over and grumbled about how lame they were.  She then immediately rearranged the tiles to



Yes, yes.  Much better for this game.  Sigh.

But, for once, I succeeded.  [SSC:  With some help.  And I already know how you will be paying me for the help.]  I earn 750 points.  I have suggestions for the next time though – some are pro-Snake and some are pro-Charmer.  I suspect the pro-Charmer suggestions will survive.

Wow.  What a challenge.  Now if I can stop climbing the walls with animal horny distractions, perhaps I can function again.  Though I suspect Charmer won’t be allowing that to happen any time soon. [SSC:  Nope.  Duh.]

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