Who’s the Boss? (She is)

At the end of the week, as the work day starts to wind down, I’m working to finish up, get everyone their final bits to be done for the day.  I’ve been heads-down for hours, door shut, putting together the dreaded weekend lists for everyone to finish up over the weekend.

There’s a soft knock at the door and I try to ignore it.  But the knocking comes again, this time louder.  I mumble something resembling “come in,” hoping that whomever is on the other side of the door will take the hint and go away.  Nothing happens.  I grin to myself, thinking I succeeded, then the knock again.  Now I’m getting annoyed.  “Come in!” is all I can get out, with an expletive or two under my breath afterward.


Then another knock.  I’m about to come out of my seat and instead decide I’m going to have words with whatever person is on the other side – tired of the game and aggravated as I’m trying to finish up.  I walk over to the door… and pull it open sharply.

Just as I’m about to speak, you’re standing there.  Cliche’ trench coat on and black, slinky, leather, beautiful lingerie on underneath, that I can see, because the coat is open now.

A million thoughts race through my head immediately.  The first is “OMIGOD look at this vixen and … OMIGOD!” and the second is “HOLY CRAP, my employees are going to see her!”  These seem to happen both at the same time.  Both as loud.

“Hey…” is all you say.  You walk by me and I notice that all the office lights are out.  You hand me a piece of paper as you pass, a printed out email.

To:  All Employees

Subject:  Early break on Friday afternoon

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that we’ll be closing early today – we’re having some maintenance done in the office and we need to clear out at 3p.  I’ll be staying to coordinate.  Please make sure you’re out of the office for the day at 3.

Have a great weekend!

It’s from you to everyone.  I grin, but then I realize what you’ve done.  You’ve played the boss card, sent everyone home.  I realize suddenly that those plans I was putting together for everyone for the weekend suddenly don’t matter, for multiple reasons.  The most important of these is standing in front of me in leather… as you drop the coat to the floor.

I start to ask and all I get to is “What…”

You cut me off.  “I wanted to play.  I sent everyone home. Since I’m the boss, you don’t have a problem with that, do you?

Duh.  Of course not.

You lean in and kiss me, sitting me down on my desk, leaning in for more and grabbing my cage.  To say that it pressurized a bit ago would be putting it lightly.

As you pull back, you tell me I need to get ready for dinner.  I look at you puzzled.  “Naked, silly.  Get naked.”  As I do, you walk out, then return with a blanket and box of food and wine.  You set out this spread on my office floor and tell me to have a seat.

As we’re eating, you’re feeding me grapes, cheese, sandwich bits.  I can’t really focus on the food though because I just can’t get over this outfit and the air about you – it’s supercharged with erotic energy.

As you keep feeding me, you’re pressing in closer and closer – kisses, groping, grabbing me outright and pulling me to you.  At one point you grab me by both sides of my head, holding me still and feeding me strawberries from your mouth to mine.  But you make me bite them off, rather than just passing them, just another control point.

As you lay me down, nearly attacking me now, rubbing, kissing, biting, nipping, we’re like high-schoolers in an epic make-out session.  You start to slow and make a show of moving up my body, sitting on my face and rubbing into me.  You ride me to a couple of nice orgasms, but clearly you can’t relax entirely in this position, so move down and lay back.  It’s not an invitation I usually miss, and I start by slowly, lightly kissing you, licking you up and down and teasing you a bit.

It doesn’t take long to continue the orgasms, as you hold me exactly where you want me, pulling me in with both your legs and your hands on my head, woven through my hair.

We roll back and forth, then you tell me to get up and sit on the desk.

“I bet you always thought it was the woman who sat on the desk, eh?” and you grin this evil smile.  You slowly push me back down, laying down on my desk, my papers.  You start on my calves, biting and nipping and sucking to nearly bloody hickies on many locations.  It’s driving me crazy and you’re teasing me into this frenzy, wanting to be free.

So, you might want to move the papers in a way you can control, because I’m going to fuck your brains out, right here on the desk…

You reach back for your coat – start getting the key out for my cage.  I’m too busy moving papers and trying to maintain some sort of order (believe me, I DON’T CARE at this point), to notice that you’re digging around in first one pocket, then the other.

I pause for a second when I realize this.  I watch you intently.  You have this sheepish grin on your face.

oh boy.  It seems I’ve forgotten the key to your cage.  It’s a good thing I was able to come first, eh?”  You wink at me.  “So sorry I missed that key somehow.”  You turn and start to walk away.

Do me a favor, will you?  Please grab the stuff – we probably should head home and I’d hate to be here when the cleaning crew arrives.

You pull on your coat, making sure to close it and walk out.  I run over the window in disbelief.  I’m standing there, naked, crammed into a suddenly extremely tight cage and, sure enough, you drive away.

With a whimper I gather everything up and head out.  That subbie energy is running rampant through my body, fueled by the game, fueled by denial.

I’m growling, I’m off the scale horny, but I can’t deny – you certainly played me well!

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