The Scrabble Challenge

It’s time for a new Snake challenge weekend!  I told him two days ago that I had one planned and he is equal parts excited and terrified.   Of course, I know that as soon as he saw Scrabble in the title, he is groaning.

During my daily scanning of hundreds of posts and pictures a few days ago, I came across this.  I love sexual games, I love orgasms and I love Scrabble.  But, of course, I have to put my own twist on things so I came up with the following game.

The game runs from Friday night when he gets home from work until we go to bed on Sunday night.  It is simple because I don’t like things that are too complicated.  Even though I don’t have to keep track of points, it just makes it more fun to just concentrate on a few things.

I have a pack of 100 Scrabble tiles.  Snake gets to pick one each time he finishes a task.  He needs to accumulate enough tiles to spell two sexual words by the end of the weekend.  Of course, I am the sole arbitrator of whether they are valid words.  If he can spell the two words, he will get a bonus 750 points.  If he doesn’t, he loses 1200, which at our current score will put him in the negative range.

His tasks options are:

  • 7 orgasms for me
  • 7 edges for him
  • 2 ruined orgasms for him
  • Wearing his ball weight for 4 hours
  • 4 edges with the Njoy 2.0 in
  • Letting me play with the items in the little black cases (I will leave that to him to explain on Monday if he chooses it)
  • Any other random idea that I have over the weekend, usually starting with, “Why don’t you…”

He can add sessions together so if I edge him 5 times and then 6 and then 4, he would get two tiles.  I am adding the ball weight because it is new and something that he is getting used to.  The items in the two cases are toys that we haven’t had time to play with so they are new and shiny.  🙂

Since I know that Snake hates Scrabble, I do have two further rules.  He can’t use any Scrabble cheats online and no one is allowed to give him ideas or hints…and you know who you are and, yes, I am talking to you.

So, that is the new Snake household challenge for this weekend.  Snake will write about the results on Monday.  Hopefully, he’ll get to say that he has extra points.  Me?  I’ll have fun either way.  I do like to play with snakes…

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