Memorial Day Weekend Game – Results

It was quite the game – if you missed it, Charmer decided that I would have to “perform” for her to earn points, and if I didn’t make the goal, I would lose points.

Our points are associated with a game we’ve created that assigns points to different activities.  Those points are used to determine whether I’m eligible for (but doesn’t obligate Charmer to have) playtime.  Since she makes the call anyway, it’s really just my eligibility.  I have to maintain a 1750 point value over the last 14 days (recalculated daily) in order to be eligible.  Points get awarded for challenges (like this specific game) or things like wearing plugs (different points for different sizes), etc.

Charmer can also deduct points if a rule is violated.  For example, when home, we’re a CFNM household.  If I goof and miss the NM part, she can declare points off on the spot.  And, if I don’t respond quickly enough to rectify the situation, she can declare MORE points off.  We hope to start a portion of this site dedicated to the game after we get it streamlined a bit – if others are interested (feel free to comment if so).

I had written a story for Charmer based on a dream I’d had.  In the dream, I “pledged” a certain number of orgasms over a day’s time.  If I made it, points would be awarded.  If I failed, points taken away.  It went into detail about how that all played out.  I guess she liked the idea, because it was the genesis of what she put in place over the holiday weekend.  Except, of course, she had to modify it.  Make it “more.”  So it turned into the 3-day challenge and associated points (link just below).   It morphed into this thing that was part performance, part endurance race and ensuing series of Twitter conversations that I never expected.

So that brings us to this challenge/game.  Click here to read up on the specifics.   There were a lot of points on the board to be had (or lost) in this one!

My final tally was 7.  It would have been 8, but a friendly family cat decided that it was not time for me to perform, but rather time to climb all over me and demand attention.  So I missed out on number 8 because of the cat.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Friday:   2
Saturday: 2
Sunday:   2
Monday:   1

Seven.  7.   S.E.V.E.N. total.  Out of a goal of 12.

Ugh.  Missed it by a mile.  I now lose 1,250 points.

But we had a blast.  Charmer even added a bit to the rules.  Since I always have to ask permission to come, she maintained this rule.  Also, as the rules in her original post stated, I had to be eyes on her (and open) in order for it to count.

In other words, it was a performance.  And she had great fun playing it up.  Since I had to essentially announce to her when it was time, she would grab a beverage in a few cases and pull up a chair, so to speak.  She always had this fascinated look on her face and as often as not, would try to hold normal conversations.  It was very amusing to her.

For me, it was extremely uncomfortable.  But there is the game at stake!  I mean, come on, must hit the numbers.  I was astonished to find that my “restocking and replenishment” phase got longer and longer as the days went by.  I’ve never experienced that before.  Honestly, when it all started, I thought I had it made.  12 total, 3 days, only 4 per day.  No problem.  Being the engineer that I am, I even figured out a pseudo schedule in my head, allowing for time out, people at the house, etc.  I had this in the bag.

Then came Saturday morning after 3 (2 the night before, 1 in the AM) and I was beginning to sweat.  I could tell things were getting more challenging.  I was also still dealing with the whole “performance” thing for Charmer.  When I did come after she’d given the permission, it was like she was pulling it out of me.  I don’t know if you’ve read much on the blog, but she considers any orgasm I have to be hers.  It’s for her, for her benefit, period.  She was pulling these out of me – like willing them, almost like the times you see in movies and TV programs where someone’s being is coaxed out of them for whatever reason.  Not in a bad way, but it was clear that these were for her.   There was even time where she got right up in my face, willing me with her eyes to come for her.

It was extremely hot.

Even if I did miss the goal… this time.

I learned a lot about me too – like I’ve changed. You have to understand, it’s been 18 months or more now since this activity has happened.  With the chastity cage, rules and our lifestyle changes, it just hasn’t been a part of my life at all.  It’s not like you forget (it’s like riding a bike!) but time with Charmer is so, so much more intense and exciting.  I can’t even compare the two.  I’d say that even if she wasn’t reading this – to me, the difference was shocking.  Not that I expected it to be the same, but it reinforces my lack of desire and increases my desire for cage time.  I miss it greatly.

I can’t wait for the next game.  And I can’t wait to share the overall game if people are interested.

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