SOUNDING Like Fun Torture

As we wander into the play area, you’re already grinning from ear to ear.  I can tell you’ve been thinking about this for awhile, and have ideas about what you want to do.  Pretty unusual since you’re more of a “by the seat of your pants” type, but every now and then, you’ve planned things out in detail in your mind’s eye and this is one of those.

Closing and locking the door you walk me to the center of the room, put on my wrist cuffs and attach a chain, sit me on a stool you have there.  When my hands are up over my head, just enough to stretch well, you attach them to the rings.   I’m sort of dangling there, twisting a bit trying to get relaxed into the tug on my arms.

You reach to my shoulders and slowly drag your hands and nails down my chest – it’s not so much painful as it feels like you’re more waking up my nerves.  Down my body you go – to the cage.  You pull on the key from around your neck, then look at me.

You lock your eyes with mine and wave at me with this exaggerated wave of your fingers – like a “see ya later” wave.  I don’t understand.

Close your eyes,” is all you say.  I can’t help grinning, I think you’re putting something else on and want to surprise me.  I hear rustling in your bag just a bit and then feel you at the top of my head.

Slowly, you unroll a mask around my head.  Down, over my ears, taking your time, over my eyes, my nose, my mouth.  You zip it up just about the time I’m trying to open my eyes to see what I can see, but it’s all black.

My hearing is at about 25% too now – more like listening in a muffled can and my thoughts are taking over in my head.  I flash a bit on a number of things – panic at being so enclosed, concern that I have no real input or idea or warning about what you’re doing, and the realization that I just got shut out of my own scene in a sensory way.  It’s a strange thought.

I feel you at my cage now.  You’re moving it around, squeezing me while you do.  Not hard, just controlling.  I feel the lock release and the freedom and I spring to life immediately, betraying my worries, showing my true desires to be what you need in the moment.

You stroke me a bit, just to finish inflating and play with me a little.  I’m feeling a little cocky, frankly –  I still have my feet under me and can move around, even thrust into you.  But each time I do, you stop, grab me and force me to be still.  I get the message… eventually.

I feel you pushing at my feet a little, putting them to the sides of the chair.  Then I feel the ankle cuffs going on, clips being attached.  My legs are being chained to the chair.  I feel like I have to pay attention to stay upright without full weight on my stretched arms.  The reality is I’m simply not going anywhere.  Basically, immobilized in place.  I try to pull in on my legs to get more … control.  But I can’t move them.

I feel you stroke me a bit again, then a small hesitation – I’m standing strong at attention and just wanting you to go and go and go on the stroking.  It may have been awhile since the last time you let me come – I’m more anxious and in a very animal place.

I swear I hear a tool, or metal or.. .something.  Then you’re back with me in your hand, but holding on to me a bit, rather than stroking.  I try to move, but can’t – just no leverage.  Then I feel the pressure.  I feel the pressure of the sound that you’re pushing every so slowly into me.

I can feel the cold metal traveling down my cock -from the inside.  It’s pushing in, like a reverse orgasm almost, pushing down my cock.  You hesitate a bit, then push it forward a bit quicker for just a minute and it literally feels like I’m uncontrollably coming.

I feel like I’m groaning and moaning to the world, but I have no concept of space – the mask, no sight, limited hearing – it’s like being in an isolation chamber, but with all of the metal rod sounding going on at the same time.

You keep pushing – I can feel the rod at the base of my cock now, inside me, deep inside me.  And hesitate to let me get my bearings.  I’m breathing hard, it’s messing with my head as much as messing with me physically.

Then you resume the trek.  You’re moving inside me, slowly, pushing, settling, then pushing more.  All the while you’re egging me on  – “Good boy,” “You’re doing really great!” and other things.  I can hear you up next to me when you talk to me – you must be making sure you can get through the mask with your voice.

Finally you stop – I expect that you’ll reverse course, but instead I feel the rod spinning inside me.  It’s bent slightly to make insertion easier, so this makes the end of the rod put more pressure as it moves around deep inside me.  It’s like a dry orgasm – all the nerves are firing, my body is reacting, just nothing coming out.

You’re speeding up the turning of the rod now – it’s a constant tease inside me now and I’ve stopped trying to move, knowing I can’t.  It’s this strange, super-intense nerve-gasm going on inside me.

You stop for a second, then I hear the low buzz.  It takes me a second to figure out what it is, then I realize.  It’s the magic wand.  I panic a little, trying to get away.  I hear you giggle a little, knowing I’m not going anywhere… knowing what you have in mind.

I feel the vibrator at the base of my cock, pressing against the rod inside me from the outside.  It’s vibrating through my whole cock, my groin, my insides.

You slowly, firmly move the vibrator up me, up against the underside of my cock, only a very thin piece of skin between the vibrator and the rod inside.  I’m terrified of what it seems may happen when you get to the end.  The unprotected rod on the outside, the part embedded in me.

You stop about half way up me, and start moving the rod slowly in and out – twisting it, pulling it out a bit, pushing it back in.

Every nerve in me in that area is firing now.  It’s like a fire inside me, like an orgasm of fire and my body is fighting to stay upright.

You start moving the vibrator to the top again, making contact with the end and sending a shockwave of direct vibrations down inside me.  It feels like it just increased in size by several fold and I feel my body closing around it in weird, erotic pulses.

The buzzing stops, but you slowly start stroking me, moving the rod in an almost opposite direction – the sensation is like fingernails against my skin, from the inside, and intense “I really need to come right NOW” sensations on the outside.

I’m sweating, swinging, doing my best to move in ways that make sure you know I’m ready.  It’s not like you don’t know this, but it’s all I can do.  I’m desperate.

You give me a couple more strokes and on one of them, the rod starts pulling out in earnest.  I can almost literally feel my eyes rolling back as you keep moving the rod counter to your hand, making its way slowly out of me.

As soon as it’s out, you taking me roaring to the edge of orgasm, then stop.

I feel your arms wrap around me, hugging me, holding me close.  I don’t know whether to cuss, or shake or pass out or all of the above.  My body feels like it’s come 100 times, my brain has no idea what to do with all the inputs and my arms are aching.

I slump into the chains a bit and you slowly remove the mask.

That grin is still on your face, and I can literally see the Domme energy in your eyes.

Such a powerful gaze.

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