Kink of the Week: Sounding

Sounding is one of those kinks that seems like something no one in their right mind would want to do.  I mean, seriously.  You want to put a metal rod WHERE?

Sounding like fun torture (a Fiction? Story)

But I think it’s also perhaps one of those things that is surprising.  It’s surprising because it’s so different, so intense and so on the edge of “ok” mentally that it has all sorts of intrigue and kink built into it.

We first got interesting in sounding just hearing about it and getting past the initial reactions… then reading more about it and what people describe it as.  “It’s like a constant feeling of an orgasm, but coming from inside…” was one of my favorites when we first started looking.

Then we exchanged tweets and emails with people and read more.  Learned about the safety pieces of it (sterilize, sterilize, sterilize) and learned about “the drop” and other things.  We just had to try it.  Or, rather, I wanted to try it.  But of course Charmer has other plans… always.  I’ll get to that in a minute.

So I researched, found good sounding gear (pictured on the kink of the week site) and ordered it.  Even in ordering, I saw the larger sounds and just mumbled to myself that there ain’t no way… and, for the record, there still hasn’t been “any way.”  🙂

It still worried me.  This is internal  not external.  Not bondage, not… ANYTHING else.  But internal.  And it just sounds so… wrong.  Which I suppose, if I’m being honest, was part of the draw.  Everything talked about how safe it actually is, especially if done right.  “Done right” is a) read up on how it’s done and what to expect, b) sterilize the rods, c) use a sterile lube.

All of this adds to the “why the heck would you even do this then” factor.  I get that.

So it came time to give it a whirl.  We did.  Yep, WE did.  I had reclined on the bed, all ready to go and there’s Charmer with the case.  I reached for them and… well, suffice to say she had this excited, perhaps a bit sadistic, enthralled look on her face.  She was having NONE of me doing it.  This was her party.

I admit I panicked.  We got past that.  We went slow.

It’s intense.  VERY intense.  It’s a feeling of something sliding inside you – in my case, that I had no control over.  And yes, it’s very much like that urge to cum, but it’s constant as the rod goes in and down a bit.  And also yes, there is a place where it settles into place.  That “settling” or “drop” is an indescribable, intense, over the top sensation.  It’s not entirely unlike an orgasm if you can get your head to relax about it.

It’s worth a try, it’s worth playing with.  It’s not our go-to, but it’s not on any yellow or red list either.  And there are some interesting games and things you can do as well.  Some people will put in the rod and keeping moving it around (thinking almost like slow-fucking the male with it) and enjoy the control given the partner.  Some people “spin” it.  All sorts of options.

I file this under “intense mind-fuck with over the top physical sensations possible” in the kink department.  If you add the partner-drives component, it also become a power-exchange and trust scene.

9 thoughts on “Kink of the Week: Sounding”

    1. Perhaps she’d enjoy just reading the story (linked above) and then add her own spin (heh, sorry) to it? I think the power in so much of the stuff we all write is not in duplicating but in adding our own flair to a base idea. So cool. 🙂

  1. It is so fascinating reading about how kinks work for others. Your description certainly gets the excitement and the intense sensations across. Thank you for writing the intro to this topic and for doing a post for it. It has been really cool to explore a topic that I know so little about


    1. I have been so fascinated by kinks that initially seem like “oh, hell no” and over time become, “well, I dunno. Mebbe” and move from there. From impact stuff to just about everything else. Fun stuff. Our bodies are amazing.

  2. I read this with the equivalent of hiding behind the sofa, my imagination was in that room with you, a painful read but insightful. As Molly has said the intense sensations came across. I have been enlightened on a subject which until 15 mins ago was a mystery.

    1. It’s pretty wild, to be sure. And yeah, the squeamish factor is very, very high. But if you can just get your brain to take a little break and get beyond it it might be interesting. It’s not for everyone, but it’s great if you like intense sensation play – and power exchange if it’s a partner.

  3. You have captured it brilliantly in this post. It is that intensity that does it for me all wrapped up with the mind fuck of what it is too. I’m also really glad to read another positive post on it. I was feeling a little out in the wilderness.

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