What I’d Do If…

It all starts by kissing, just kissing.  It’s one of the most erotic, sensual things we can do – and every second of it is powerful.  I kiss down your neck, just there at the base of your neck on your shoulder.  I start with light kisses, and move to little nibbles and lingering kisses.  I can tell I’ve hit some of the right spots – your breathing changes ever so slightly in just those spots…

You reach out, grabbing the back of my head, embedding your hands in my hair, then squeezing a handful to use as a lever.  You’re steering me a bit now, already taking charge of where you want me.  You pull me up, kissing me deeply nibbling on me as you go.  Then you push me back to the other side and release just a bit, letting me wander down your neck, to your shoulder, then out a bit and back.

I look up at you and you have this grin on your face.  Just a grin.  Your eyes are closed just relaxing into me.  I kiss down your collar bone, across your chest and down between your breasts without even a touch.  You’re shifting a bit, feeling my breath on you, just barely not touching you.

I tease down, around, to the side of, between and all but your breast.  Then, with a feather touch at first, I slowly circle first, one, then the other, feeling every inch of you, every bit of skin.  Broad, wide circles around, avoiding your nipples for a time, circling, caressing, teasing at first.

Your back starts to arch ever so slightly into me – I can feel you wanting more, on the edge of frustration and I know better than to keep you from what you want – so I lightly rub the palms of my hands over first one, then the other, then both nipples.  You react almost instantly, feeling the first hints of electricity between my hands, my mouth, your body.  I rub in soft circles, then lightly tweak them as I kiss down your stomach, hitting every possible spot that I can place those kisses.

And then I stop and move down to your feet.  You let out a small groan and then a bit of a purr as I settle in and massage your feet a bit.  As I start rubbing up your foot, I follow it with kisses again – starting at the very tips of your toes and moving slowly up your foot, massaging first, then kissing, nibbling as I go.  As I get to your calf, I trace my fingers around your leg using just my fingertips to shoot little bolts of energy directly to your sex.  I can tell it’s working.  You’re squirming a bit and the grin has gone away and is replaced with a different look of wanting more.

I kiss up the insides of your leg, then move to your other leg, repeating the process, jumping between them randomly to keep you guessing about what’s next. As I get to your thighs, nibbling, sucking, kissing, rubbing up the insides of your thighs I can feel the heat coming from you now.  I can feel you chasing me mentally, pulling me in.

I spread your legs a bit kiss all the way up your thighs, teasing, the jumping to the opposite leg, not quite touching just where you want me.  You grab for my hair again and just miss – squirming, laying back down.

With a feather touch I trace around you, just barely touching your pussy – tracing up once side, then down the other, then both sides at once and alternating back and forth.  You’re chasing me now – I don’t know if you even know you’re doing it, but your ass is raising up a bit to chase my hand, wanting more, more contact, more pressure.

I keep tracing around, up and through your lips and feeling your wetness, your heat, your lust building.  I can hear your breath catching every now and then as I get close to, then move away from your clit.  I kiss you now, just as I would your mouth, I kiss you softly at first, all over, up and down your cunt, moving side to side, almost making out with you gently, but focusing more and more as different spots react differently to my touch.

Rubbing, kissing, then slowly one finger, then two slipped inside you at a maddeningly slow pace at first, then just stationary for a bit, then slowly out.  You’re moving against me now, wanting more and this time when you reach for my head, you succeed, pulling me into you, steering me, pulling my face into you.

You’re grinding on my face now as I pick up the pace, fucking you with my fingers, licking you, sucking you in, flicking at you. I’m keeping in rhythm with your own thrusts now, moving into you, feeling your insides start to close in on my fingers, my tongue, feeling you start to shake from the inside out.

I keep moving with you, you keep pulling my head tighter to you, putting me just there, making sure I’m paying attention to exactly what you want.  Flicking.  Sucking.  Moving in and out of you, up and down, matching your movements.

I feel your insides contract hard around me and it sends a jolt straight through me, directly to my cock, straining at its cage.  I can feel every twitch in you, in me.  I can feel every internal contraction of you, in me, almost as if I were inside you.

You start to come and I feel my cock almost pounding on the cage confines with every heartbeat between us.  It’s a surreal thing to feel you coming around my fingers, my tongue, and feel my heart beat pounding at the bars of the cage in this weird synchronized rhythm.

As you go over the top, you push my head back a bit and roll through your orgasm.   You let it wash over you and just ride the wave.  At the same instant, that wave of frustration rolls through me, it starts at my cock and rolls through my body and reinforces that whole mindset that we both crave.

Then you say that magic words.  “Go unlock.


Wow!  So that’s what you’d like to do for me,” you ask…

Yes.  Exactly,”  I say.  “I thought you might want to know what I had in mind.

mmmm… sounds wonderful… all except that last part.  You don’t need to unlock,” is all you say.  You sit back, grin that evil grin at me, then with a single finger, call me to you…


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