Scrabble Game Results From the Charmer Side

As everyone who reads our blog knows, I enjoy games and challenges.  It keeps things interesting and Snake and I are ridiculously competitive.  So, last Friday I threw down the gauntlet on another one.  If you missed it, the challenge is here.  Yesterday Snake posted the results and his experiences from the challenge.  I thought you might be interested in hearing my thoughts and some ideas I have for the future.  Here goes…

Before he had even left work on Friday, the first thing I heard from Snake was, “Scrabble?  Really?”  He really hates word games.  Our daughter is an English major and between the two of us we have probably read most of the classics.  We are good at spelling and vocabulary.  Snake is incredibly smart, but he has more nerd knowledge than book knowledge.   He just can’t see the words even though he will recognize them after someone points them out.  He gets his revenge with games like Risk.  Our daughter and I pile all of our armies on one or two countries with minimal borders and just try to hold on for dear life.  🙂

All of that to say I knew that I had an advantage before the challenge began.  Friday night we didn’t have plans so we had the whole evening for him to earn tiles.  I knew Saturday would be busy so I figured that he would try for as many as he could get on Friday night.  We had finished dinner and had a couple of drinks and he asks, “So?  How does this go?  Do I ask or are you just going to…?”

Because, of course, I’m going to just start trying to help him earn tiles.  Right… No, dear.  You will actually have to ask for whatever you would like since you have to decide which pieces of the challenge you want to complete.  So, we’re off for 8 edges with the nJoy 2.0.  I knew this was the easy one for him.  He has been wearing the nJoy during the day to accumulate points for the ongoing game and I’ve edged him before like this.  I knew he would use it for most of his tiles.  Excluding getting pretty horny, he sailed through the 8.

Next came time for some orgasms for me.  We were on the couch and I wasn’t sure how well this would work.  See–I’m very particular and like to be comfortable.  You know, bed.  Pillow.  Music.  Completely relaxed.  Never said I wasn’t a diva.  He did get 7 so he earned his tile.  I had managed to find my happy spot so he could have easily gotten at least one more tile.  I could have said something, but 1) it is a challenge, and 2) now he knows that he owes me since he left me hanging.  Always good to have some extra leverage.

I knew he was scrambling for more tiles so we decided to try the sounds.  We’ve had them for a while but just never got around to using them.  I had heard from an online friend (he’ll probably know who he is) that they feel “fucking amazing.”  I admit to a little hesitation just because *I* don’t have that part so *I* was flying blind a little.  Snake was surprised that I was going to be the inserter, but he really did seem to get onboard with it very quickly.  Like, record-setting pace.  In short, he definitely enjoyed it and we definitely will be playing with the larger ones.

Before we went to bed, he started insisting that HAY should be accepted as a word.  I told him that I would be more than willing to take the phrase ROLL IN THE HAY if he got all of those tiles.  He seemed a little unimpressed with my gesture.

Saturday morning we had limited time and would have our daughter staying over that night so he wanted to earn his tiles.  He went for the 8 edges again for two tiles.  See?  Told you that I knew he would use that primarily.  He told me how much he wanted to come so I offered him the option of coming and taking 1000 points.  I can be compassionate.  He turned down my generous offer and then asked me, with a straight face, if I thought I could ruin two.  Really?  You are doubting my abilities when you know how well I know you?   Pffft.  I gave him two ruined orgasms in less than five minutes.  He really shouldn’t challenge me like that.

He now had way too many vowels and that lovely Q with no U to attach to it.  He was not in good shape for making two words for the challenge.  He was also still really horny (again, not my fault, I offered to let him come) but it seemed to give him some extra energy for our dance rehearsal…

Sunday morning started as a repeat of Saturday.  Eight more edges… Lather, rinse, repeat.  Then he wanted 4 ruined.  Again, he asked like I would be performing a miracle or something.  Whatever.  He was pretty empty by the fourth one and I did offer him the 1000 point option to come again since he was telling me how much he wanted to come.  I can’t help it if he didn’t want it.  He looked at me and asked for four more.  We’ve never done that before so I didn’t know how his body would react, but, like I said, I’m competitive and up for a challenge.  Two of the four were completely dry, but I did it.  He keeps saying that he did, but, believe me, they were given to him.  He was a little damp with sweat (and other bodily fluids) afterwards, though…

He picked the tiles and I saw CLIT.  He put out CAGE and I told him that worked.  After his shower, he decided to put on the ball weight for another tile.  He forgot to put that in his post yesterday.  It’s new and he has just started wearing it and made it the four hours for a tile.  Snake is planning on writing a review on that so I won’t add anything else other than, it is really hot to look at.  He picked an R.

After my bath, he gave me 12 orgasms and he got one more tile.  I could come up with several words but he just kept coming back to the same ones.  I was afraid that his brain might explode so I took the letters and used the C to make CLIT instead of CAGE.  The clouds parted and the sun came out.  He quickly put together EDGE and had his two words.  Of course, I did help and he never would have gotten a second word without the assistance.  He just doesn’t know what the cost will be yet.  I do, but I’m not sharing yet.

It’s a new week, Snake is horny enough to lose his mind and we’ve discussed some options for the next time.  It might be longer words or maybe not seeing the tiles until the end.  There will have to be different ways to earn tiles and probably more edges or ruined since he has proven that he has the stamina.  But, my favorite new idea is one that he threw out when I issued this Scrabble challenge.  He said, “Why not just make it Trivial Pursuit?”  Since I know how much he loves that game — not — I think I will be accommodating and take his suggestion…

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