Public Charmer vs. In-Private Charmer

It’s the strangest thing.  You’d never know it to look at her, but when the mood strikes, it flashes through her eyes, curves just the corners of her mouth a bit and then is gone as quickly as it arrived.  But there’s something about the energy coming off her, something that changes from “out and about” to “pay very, very close attention and don’t mess with me.”  It’s magic.

I’ve had times where this flash happens just as we get up in the morning.  Other times in the middle of lunch, still others after dinner.  I’m not sure there’s any logic to it, but if you miss it, you should probably start worrying about what comes later because it also means that you won’t have been able to feed the Domme-beast (in a good way) from then forward.

This isn’t to say that it’s a bad thing. Quite the opposite.  It’s amazing.  I wish I knew the switch that flipped or the situation that enables it or the things that I say.  Of course if I did, you can bet we’d live right there, on that edge, all the time.

Still, no one notices, but I get the look, the glance.  I’m on high-alert.  Sort of like DEFCON status.  Things get really interesting when this bakes all day and lust starts to kick in.


The garage door started to come down and I reach for the ignition and you grab my chin, pulling me to you for a wild, crazy kiss. It’s more of a devouring kiss – you’re pulling me to you, almost willing me across the console of the car to your side.  My head swirls as I feel your hands on my head, pulling me over.  I swear I hear a low growl come from you for just an instant.

You pull my lip into your mouth, lodging it between your teeth, one of your favorite things, as you pull slowly away while increasing your grip.  Your eyes are open now, looking straight into mine and if they could be on fire, they would be.  The sudden lust in you, your body, your grip on me is combining with your finally freed Domme.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say it gave me pause, but it passes quickly as I feel my lip screaming between your teeth.

I can’t get away of course and I’m lodged in the car such that I can’t move toward you any more either.  I’m stuck.  And away you keep moving, ever so slowly, increasing the pressure.  At last you stop, you release my lip while holding me.  “In the house.  Now.

We take a single step inside the door and you spin me against the wall, holding me there with one hand while you take off your top to reveal an amazing bustier – where this came from, I don’t know.  I don’t care.  You grin at me because you know you’ve pulled off the surprise.  You kick off your pants, shoes, socks and are standing there, holding me to the wall.  I’m doing my best not to move.

I thought we had a rule that we’re a CFNM household,” you say, eyeing me.  Of course we usually are, but we literally took a single step inside… I start to explain this and your eyes light up with a fire and lust and control look that I know not to challenge, so I fall silent.  You grab the top of my shirt and in one “zip” movement, you’ve stripped the shirt of its buttons and off me.  You have the rest of my clothes off.  You lean in and hug me  and lean against me.  Then it happens.

Remember.  Your Domme.  Not your wife, right,” you ask.  I nod silently.

I no sooner nod but your hand is around the base of my cock, grabbing me by my ring, firmly.  You walk away, leading me to the couch.  We haven’t even made it 15 feet inside the house yet.

You place me on the floor at the base of the couch and walk above me.  Without even hesitating, you lower yourself on me, kneeling on the couch, riding my face.  You have my hair in your hands, directing me to whatever feels best and I am licking you, tasting you, alternating between slowly entering and fucking you with my tongue and teasing and sucking on your lips, your clit, wherever you position me.

I can feel each of your orgasms ripple through the muscles in your legs and you clench down on my hair tighter with each one that flows through you.  You’re relentless with holding me in place, almost daring me to move while you take your orgasms, rather than waiting for them to come to you.  My face, my beard, everything about me from the neck up is soaked and straining to keep you riding on the edge.

You look down at me and your eyes are almost glazed over.  You’re in this animal, lusty, dominate mode – it’s like a fire running through you and every single time you move me and control me, every single time you cum, it piles on more energy for you.  It’s incredible to see it flowing from you.

You lean me forward away from the couch and I feel you stand, then lean down.  You reach just above the floor on my ass, digging your nails into me, pulling slowly up over my flesh.  I feel the cold of the pain twitching through my nerves as you draw your hands slowly, viciously up over my lower back, over my ribs, my lats, my shoulder blades.  My back is screaming and cold all the same time and I can almost literally feel the welts growing.

You repeat this same move on slightly different paths, but every time your fingers cross a prior path, I can feel the skin begin to give way, to scream at me and I feel the white waves of pain, energy and submission coming from my back.  I’ve passed the desire to get away, now I’m completely focused on simply being there, running in and out of the sensations.

From under the cushions you pull out the flogger and begin using it on my back.  For a split second it flashes through my head that you planned this all along – that you had to have put the flogger in the couch earlier because we haven’t left this area at all.  But the impacts, the stinging, the scrapes of the flogger against my newly raw flesh pulls my attention back in a flash.

I’m swimming in the sensations, completely overwhelmed and I hear someone asking for more.  It’s me, from some weird other place, asking for more.  The impacts don’t even hurt any more, but I’ve crossed into this strange place of running at the impact – trying to enhance it, trying to make it… more.  I’m in a dangerous place that’s a mix of sub-space and submission, of no pain and love of the sensations.  It’s incredible and animal.

It starts to register that you’ve stopped with the flogger.  I’m not sure how long ago, but it’s stopped and I feel your hands running softly, carefully over my back.  I feel the warmth of your hands, your skin.  Your touch is almost resonating through me in this weird, calming way.  My back  is on fire, but your touch is soothing and relaxing.

As you sit next to me on the floor and pull me in, we are both speechless.  But it doesn’t matter.  We both know you’ve let your Domme side sing and my submissive side give in.  There is not a single other thing in the world for each of us, from completely opposite directions.

It is as it needs to be.

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