P is for PA (and not the state)

So many times when I talk with people about the PA (Prince Albert) piercing, they eventually get around to asking … does it make a difference for you and/or her?


I really like my PA – for all sorts of reasons. First, it’s our thing – not a whole lot of people (OK, aside from all of you *waves arms frantically*) know about it. It’s a huge symbol of our other life – our relaxed and real life.

Second, it does indeed make a difference for her. She can feel it at all the right times (I’ve asked… believe me). I wear a 2 or 0 gauge, depending. I tend to stay in the 2 more because I don’t want the 0 to size up, I’m really happy with where I’m at size-wise, but I can swap between the two fairly easily. She loves the 0g every now and then… and the weight of it pushes odd buttons for me and her both, particularly in the heat of the moment.

There have been cases where I thought I had all the control in the world – go racing right up to that edge and pull back to control – no problem. I got this. Then the ring flops over on its own inside, outside, whatever may be going on. It tweaks things just enough to push that edge just a tad more. More than a few times, it’s been extremely challenging not to get caught and topple over – just with the simplest of movements that tweaks the ring ever so slightly. Of course Charmer knows this. Just a squeeze. Just a tweak… yikes.

Third, Charmer loves to edge, loves to tease for extended periods, loves to get to that edge and then work to stay there as long as possible. It’s incredibly hot, lots of fun… and maddening. She also loves ruined O’s for me. LOVES them. I crave that “just a few seconds more” stuff – that final over the edge rush. The frustration of a ruined O is very real!

But just a few days ago, Charmer hit a new note. There I was, putty in her hand, so to speak. Writhing and wiggling, trying to keep some semblance of control, some way of not going over the edge because I’d not been told anything different… She has this super-light touch, then fast, then light touch…. then firm, then… UNF. It’s like riding on this crazy-inducing wave. She’s doing this, then running her fingers up and down me to keep me there…

She took her hand off, I thought to let me pause and recover a little.

She touched the ring. Just touched it. Moved it around just a very, very small bit.

Electricity shot through me, she sat back and watched. It was this pulsing series of zaps screaming through me and all I remember is that smile. She knew.

About 5 seconds later … she won. No touch, no … nothing. But over the edge I went, just about lost my mind.

So, when people ask about the PA. Does it make a difference? Can you tell? Can she tell?

Oh yes.

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